'Pokémon Go' Tips: Where to Hunt for Pokemon in Huntsville, AL

There is a new mobile game phenomenon that is catching on EVERYWHERE. People are taking to the streets to catch Pokemon with the new Pokemon Go game. It creates a fictional world where Pokemon are lurking about in the real world. Everyone is actually going outside and catching them.

Here are a few places where you can go hang out and catch them in my hometown of Huntsville, AL.

1. Downtown Huntsville
Downtown Huntsville is full of bars and hangouts, so many people are catching Pokemon there. There is also a park nearby, so people have been walking around there. We have the epic, awesome bar Pints & Pixels where many of my nerdy friends are hanging out. It's a good place to meet people and catch Pokemon.

2. Big Spring Park
Big Spring Park is located near downtown Huntsville. It has a small lake and room to walk around. Many people have been gathering there to play it. The game even made the news this week with a large gathering of players at Big Spring Park in Downtown Huntsville.

3. Bridge Street Town Centre
We have an outdoor mall here that is right next to our Research Park. Many people have been gathering around Bridge Street to catch Pokemon. It has an open courtyard and stores and restaurants, so many people have been gathering there to play the game.

4. Maple Hill Cemetery
We have a large, old cemetery in town. Maple Hill Cemetery has graves going back to the Civil War. Many people are using this large area to catch Pokemon as well.

Natalie Dailey was born and raised in Huntsville, Alabama. She enjoys playing with her dogs, watching Netflix, and swimming. She loves her state (mostly) and is proud to be southern.