Pokemon Go: Where to Catch Pokemon in Phoenix, AZ

Sunday afternoon I was at a shopping center with a few friends and we noticed people outside, with their phones on, working on something. We guessed that they were catching Pokemon. Sure enough, when we asked, the answer was always the same, "Yes". Some added, "There is a water Pokemon by the fountain".

What Is Pokemon Go?

A free app for iPhones or Androids, Pokemon Go brings together the virtual and the real world, as it takes the players out in the real world to find virtual Pokemon on a map generated by their surroundings. They catch the Pokemon by throwing a virtual Pokeball at it on the screen. Teens, kids, young adults and middle aged parents all pay it, they interact with each other, when they realize that others are on the same quest. It takes players outside, makes them walk, helps them read a map.

The best places to find Pokemon are public and other interesting places, but you may catch one in your own backyard as well, if you are lucky. If you are trying to catch them in Phoenix, here are some of the best places to find them:

Downtown Phoenix

With a lot of interesting landmarks, downtown Phoenix is a great place to find a lot of Pokemon, even rare ones. While walking around please be aware of your surroundings, if you see one in the road, let it go, even if it seems like you'd be able to catch it from the sidewalk. There are plenty of "safe zones" downtown, where you can find them without getting into a problem, like around the open space in front of the Science Museum, in the garden by the Heard Museum, or the are around the Downtown Phoenix Library.

Tempe Town Lake

Probably one of the best places in town for water Pokemon is Tempe Town Lake, and the park around it is also a "safe zone", so once you are in there, you can catch a lot of them. Don't go out into the parking lot, there are plenty of places in the park where you can catch a few. Be aware of the heat though, you can't be outside too long, drink plenty of water and keep your outing to a minimum. Go early or late in the day, avoiding the midday sun.

Arizona Mills Mall

Inside Arizona Mills mall you don't have to worry about heatstroke or traffic, and there are plenty of Pokemon around. Along with other malls in town, it is one of the safest places to catch them. Just be aware of shoppers and people around you, don't get too distracted.

Phoenix Zoo

If you go early enough, you don't need to worry about heatstroke at the Phoenix Zoo, however, make sure you bring water and drink plenty of it. Don't forget to enjoy the real animals too, while you are busy catching virtual Pokemon. You will find plenty of them here, and don't need to worry about car traffic, though be aware of people around you.

Mill Avenue District and the ASU Main Campus

You can find lots of Pokemon on the ASU Campus, especially on Mill Avenue. There are summer classes in session, so be aware of the students and traffic around you, but other than that have fun catching them all.

Emese Fromm is a writer and translator who has been calling Phoenix her home for over twenty years. After learning about it from her college student son, in the past few days she has been helping her youngest child catch Pokemon.