'Pokemon Go' Tips: Where to Hunt for Pokemon in the Twin Cities

Gotta catch 'em all! Have you found the seemingly endless number of Pokemon that are whizzing around the metro area right now? Probably not. Fortunately, there are dozens of great spots to not only catch Pokemon, but get a lot of exercise in fantastic environments. Here are some spots whether Pokemon players have had good fortune.

The Mall of America
The nation's largest mall is also home to a host of Pokemon. But not just the pocket monsters themselves--here you can also find multiple gyms and Pokestops. Climate-controlled, no drivers--but keep your eyes open for shoppers who will not appreciate being walked into.

The University of Minnesota
Perhaps not surprisingly, the University of Minnesota Campus is a hotspot too, given that current college students grew up with Pokemon. Players have reported multiple Pokestops here as well as a wide variety of Pokemon, from common to rarer.

Minnehaha Park and Falls
Talk about a beautiful way to look for Pokemon. This gorgeous park with waterfalls is already a great place to visit, but now it's also a great place to land Pokemon. Bonus: Grab a meal at Sea Salt Eatery in the park (but be prepared for long waits during peak times, especially when the weather is good). Pokemon hunters need all the great marine protein they can get.

Minnesota State Fairgrounds
Get yourself over to the fairgrounds before the State Fair opens late next month, and the crowds make it difficult to find Pokemon. Besides, it's always fun to roam the fairgrounds when the fair isn't open, and you'll find plenty of Pokestops here as well.

Harriet Island
Speaking of scenic, Harriet Island, just across the Mississippi from downtown St. Paul, offers both great views and plenty of Pokemon. It's also home to Pokestops and plenty of Growlithes.

Amy C. Rea is the author of Minnesota, Land of 10,000 Lakes: an Exporer's Guide and Backroads & Byways of Minnesota. Her third book, Camping Minnesota, was just released by Falcon Guides.