Five Indoor Activities for a Rainy Seattle Summer Day

It's not exactly likely now that we've gotten out of an unseasonably dry "June-uary," but here in Seattle, we all know it can rain any time of year. On the off chance one of these beautiful summer days gets interrupted by a grey cloud and a few sprinkles, here are some great indoor activities you can swap out for that hike or kayak trip you had planned.

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Chill Out at Cafe Mox

Hugely underrated or entirely off most people's radar, spending time at Cafe Mox is a great way to pass a rainy afternoon. Their massive store filled with every board game imaginable helps you pass the time while waiting for a table. Once seated with friends, order food and drinks and let the game commence. The best part is that the staff at Cafe Mox doesn't rush anyone out – stay 'til the game is won or done!

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See a Movie

Don't just settle for any movie though: Seattle has several great independent cinemas where you can spend your hard earned dollars for an afternoon of entertainment and support the local economy simultaneously. Consider Cinerama, where you can relax in their massively plush seats and enjoy their mixed-chocolate popcorn; any of the SIFF (Seattle International Film Festival) cinemas around town; or the Northwest Film Forum for indie and foreign flicks.

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Take in a Mariners Game

In many cities, rain clouds spell bad news for baseball fans. Not so here, where our awesome stadium has a retractable roof. Rain or shine, the Mariners 'play ball' in SafeCo field, and fans stay dry. Curl up with a big plate of garlic fries at the Hit it Here Cafe and you'll be set for nine innings of fun.

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Explore Pike Place Market

Yes, seriously! While all of the unfortunate tourists are being forced to carry on with whatever tours they planned – rain or shine – you can spend some time exploring Pike Place Market to stay dry. The downstairs levels have a tendency to draw fewer crowds, and if there turn out to be hoards of visitors wandering aimlessly through the labyrinthine hallways, just head to Pike Brewing Company and hang out there instead.

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Go Outside Anyway

You own a raincoat right? Waterproof shoes? Dig 'em out of the winter closet and head outside anyway. A little rain never stopped us from going out to do that hike, bike ride, or kayaking expedition. For us Seattleites, rain is a part of life no matter the season, and if we wait for it to stop, we might never get to enjoy the summer. Go on then!

Valerie Stimac is a roaming writer who spent most of the last three years in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest. She has been published in AFAR, Lonely Planet, and Time Out. Read her travel stories on her blog, Valerie & Valise.

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