'Pokemon Go' Map of Miami

It's safe to say that Pokemon Go has Miami in its Charmander-like claws.

If you aren't familiar with Pokemon Go, it's a smartphone app that allows folks to go to real locations in order to capture Pokemon. I haven't played it (and refuse to download it), but I know a lot of people who are and I have seen some comically tragic things happen to them as a result of this game. Nevertheless, I put my personal gripe aside and gave you five places in Miami where you can not only "catch em' all," but also see the beauty that is Miami.

But then I thought, what good would a list be without an actual map to show you where to go? So, once again, I will take time out to give you a map of where to find the Pokemon creatures in Miami, and because I'm a nice guy, I have included some bonus places for you and your Pokemon Go crew to explore and find the hard-to-catch creatures. Just do me one favor: When you find Sandshrew, tell him he owes me $20.

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