'Pokemon Go' Maps of Indianapolis

Everyone's doing it. Heck, even those of us—yes, I'm one of the newbies—who didn't have a clue what a pocket monster was a few days ago, even we've been placed under little Pikachu's spell and are out and about trying our best to understand the Pokémon GO phenomena that's hit the country faster than a bolt of lightning. But knowing where to find the little pocket monsters—let alone the best places for gyms and Pokéstops—can be a challenge, especially if you're a newbie, like me. So here's a short but enlightening list of some hotspots in downtown Indianapolis. Oh, and if you're a seasoned trainer, it's OK—you can use the guide too.

White River State Park—unquestionably the best place to hunt for Pokémon, find a gym (if your clever enough to be at that level) and hangout at Pokéstops. Check out these places: Then, if you still have enough oomph left in your tank, continue your quest and visit these hotspots:

Mass Ave—an independent retail mecca, this swanky street is swarming with Pokestops and numerous gyms. Plus there're some super cool stores along the route!

The Canal—walk the entire route ... or rent a bike through the Paces Bikeshare program ... you're likely to find plenty of stops and eggs—and maybe if you're lucky an incubator to boot!

University Park—gyms and stops are all over the park. Checkout Depew Fountain, the Benjamin Harrison statue, the Abraham Lincoln statue as well as those of the gorgeous Syrinx the Wood Nymph and Pan the Satyr.

American Legion Mall—rumor has it that the Pokémon spawn rate is excellent here! Even some rare pocket monsters have been spotted, and captured.

War Memorial District—throughout the seven blocks that feature several memorials commemorating our military, there are multiple stops and at least two gyms. But don't be in too big of a hurry ... take your time and learn about each and every memorial and above all else, please do remember these are memorials dedicated to the men and women who fought for our country—many of whom lost their lives making sure we have the freedom to play games like Pokémon GO.

Now go have fun, get some exercise, and get to know Indy while you're at it! Oh, and if this guide isn't enough ... you can also visit Circle Center, the Indiana Capitol Building and Christ Church Cathedral—just a few other downtown landmarks with stops and the occasional gym.

Shauna Nosler lives in Indianapolis. She's a contributor to both the Indianapolis Star and Indianapolis Monthly Magazine as well as to the national news organization U.S. News & World Report. More of her writing can be found at shaunalnosler.contently.com and on her blog, The Flavored Word.

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