'Pokémon Go' Tips: Where to Hunt for Pokemon in New York City

Pokemon Go is an explosive hit. The new augmented reality mobile game is getting people out of their apartments and into the streets. There have been numerous anecdotes already about the game bringing people together in heartwarming scenarios, and too many to recount here. If you've just downloaded the game, or you're simply looking for an edge over the competition. You've come to the right place.

Here are the top five places to hunt Pokemon in NYC:

5. Right down the block
Seriously, pick a block, any block. Let's look at the neighborhood of Inwood/Marble Hill/Kingsbridge, for example -- and also because no one else is. There are five gyms in the immediate area, within walking distance, and too many Pokestops to count. It's a smorgasbord out there. And more likely than not, your neighborhood is probably the same. That's because NYC is full of so many landmarks and points of interest that can easily be used at stops and gyms. In the neighborhoods mentioned, you're going to find your usual mix of zubats and pidgeys, with the occasional water types thrown in due to the canal bisecting the land.

4. Landmarks
It's been reported that some of the more famous touristy spots have better Pokemon and better item drops. Places like the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, and Times Square. Maybe try checking out Nintendo's office while you're at it.

3. Muscota Marsh
Muscota Marsh is a one-acre wetland sanctuary developed by Columbia University in Inwood Hill Park (conveniently also a great spot to find Pokemon). Muscota Marsh is a great place to hang out while looking for a variety of Pokemon. Here you can even kayak out onto the water in search of something hiding beneath the rippling waves. Just don't drop your Pokedex.

2. Your favorite bar
Pokemon bar crawls are a thing now. And some local businesses couldn't be happier. There are even bars that set up accounts just to buy lure modules to insert if they're lucky enough to be a Pokestop, inviting players over 21 into their midst to catch something rare like degenerative liver failure, or maybe just a dragonite. If you have a regular hangout, ask them if they have an account or if they'd be willing to get one to set up a lure for you.

1. Van Cortlandt Park
The third largest park in NYC at 1,146 acres. That's 300 more than Central Park, which is also a great spot to hunt, but invites large crowds and organized events at different times. If you're planning on doing some serious work without distractions, then Van Cortlandt is the place for you. Not to mention, the variety of terrain is a huge perk. It has fields, a lake, a pond, forests, a golf course, historic houses and landmarks, and more. Wandering from corner to corner, you'll find grass types, flying types, ground types, water types, steel types, fairy types, to mention a few that I've personally caught there. It's possible that Van Cortlandt Park has the biggest diversity of Pokemon anywhere in the city. I even saw a pikachu while wandering through its winding pathways, but was ultimately unable to find it.

There you have it, a list of the best places in NYC to hunt for Pokemon. If you need more help than just being pointed in the right direction, check out this definitive Pokemon Go strategy guide.

Kevin Lankes is a freelance writer and author of four books who's lived in four out of the five NYC boroughs. He's toured the country, lived on couches, joined secret societies, and survived cancer. Kevin has credits in a variety of outlets and publications, and provides content to corporate clients and individuals alike.