'Pokemon Go' Maps of Englewood, Florida

Pokemon Go and catch them all in Englewood, Florida. Got Pokemon fever? Then you've got to get the Englewood Pokemon Go map. Check out all of the Pokestops, gyms and local places you can get your game on. Pokemon habitats are everywhere you look. Englewood has them all, warmth, rivers, streams, harbors and miles of sandy beaches. That's not all, there are tons of places to search, including forests, parks, nature preserves and golf courses. Don't forget to investigate parking lots, schools, and local landmarks, too.

Here are a few additional tips for hunting Pokemon in Englewood, FL. Remember to play it safe. The game is virtual, but your environment is real. Now, get ready, get set, Pokemon Go!

Shelly Thompson is a USF graduate and has enjoyed writing about Florida for many years. She writes about a variety of topics and has been published on MapQuest Parachute, eHow, Livestrong, GlobalPost and ModernMom.com