Beach Pups: Best Dog Beaches in SoCal

One of the best parts about living in a beachy area is that you can take your dog to the beach! If you ever get bored of the hundreds of hiking trails, lakes, and parks in SoCal there are many beaches that are dog-friendly, on and off leash. Check out this list of the best dog beaches in Southern California.

Huntington Dog Beach (Huntington Beach, OC)
One of the most well-known dog beaches in Orange County, Huntington combines the surfing town with hundreds of dogs running off-leash throughout the beach (despite the signs forbidding it). Be sure your dog is well-socialized and trained if you plan to visit and let them off-leash. Most dogs love frolicking in the water, but those that don't can hang out on the sand and watch other doggies.

Pro Tip: Can't find parking by the beach? Most of the nearby neighborhoods have free parking for visitors, be sure to check the signs!

Rosie's Dog Beach (Long Beach, LA County)
The only off-leash dog beach in LA County, this is a 3-acre park is located at the waterfront between Roycroft and Argonne Avenues, near the Belmont Pier. Only friendly dogs are allowed, one dog per adult. As usual, be sure to keep an eye on your dog to make sure they are behaving and don't forget to clean up after them.

Pro Tip: There is plenty of parking along Ocean Blvd, but bring change- it costs $0.25/15 minutes. Park free after 5 PM at the end of Granada Avenue.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Fiesta Island Dog Park (Mission Bay, San Diego)
Mission Bay is a large sandy island in San Diego, which has lots of dunes for dogs to romp around in. More adventurous dogs will venture in for a dip in the calm bay waters. The island is mostly on-leash, but there is a designated section for off-leash.

Pro Tip: Need to go to the bathroom? If you can't wait, there are port-potties around the island.

The Original Dog Beach (Ocean Beach, San Diego)
Found in Ocean Beach, this dog beach allows pooches to roam off-leash any time of the day. This is a popular spot for dog owners in San Diego, and there are even dog washes on the nearby streets to prevent your car from getting sandy!

Pro Tip: Can't sleep? This beach is open 24/7 for your late-night adventures.

Coronado Dog Beach (Coronado, San Diego)
Perfect for those who want to check out the exquisite Hotel Del Coronado, this Dog Beach is leash-free year-round on the western part. The beach is open 24/7, and offers beautiful scenery. Food and pet treats are forbidden, and there are no restrooms so come prepared. Free dog litter bags can be found at the entrance.

Pro Tip: Coronado Animal Patrol takes their job very seriously, and will fine you up to $500 for dogs that are off-leash in the wrong area. Be careful!

So wherever your dog choses to sunbathe, remember that there are many choices! Be sure to check beach hours and rules before you go as they can change with the season. Enjoy your time at the beach.

Author Aimee Engebretson has a 5-year-old Pomeranian mutt named Sophie and regularly drags her water-hating pup to Huntington Dog Beach. Despite her best efforts, Sophie prefers to stay on the dry land under an umbrella. Aimee is a 25-year resident of Orange County.

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