Top 10 Food Trucks in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City is well known for its restaurants. While there are many places you can visit in Salt Lake City to enjoy a classic meal, sometimes the best option is to hit up a food truck for lunch or dinner. Here are the top ten trucks in Salt Lake City.

1. CUPBOP Korean BBQ
CUPBOP is a new trend in the usual Korean style take out food. It serves Korean style BBQ with vegetables and rice. Korean style vegetable noodles with rice along with a seasonal menu are also available.

2. Chow Truck
Chow Truck offers Asian fusion food like Asian inspired tacos, sliders and salads. They also support the local market through chefs and farmers. Chow Truck is Utah's first upscale gourmet food truck.

3. 3 Brothers Tacos
If you're in the mood for a little Mexican food, 3 Brothers Tacos is the place to go. The food is relatively cheap, the portion sizes are filling, and the taste is just what you'd expect.

4. Blake's Gourmet
Speaking of gourmet food, Blake's Gourmet is another famous food truck in Salt Lake City that offers burgers, sandwiches and other traditional American foods.

5. Chop City
Chop City is an interesting take on the food truck idea. It serves bacon in different interesting and creative ways. Everybody has time for bacon and if you are a fan, don't miss Chop City.

6. Heidicakes
Heidicakes offers cupcakes with a cause. A portion from every sale at Heidicakes goes towards addiction awareness campaigns. The cupcakes are also very delicious.

7. Satisfactory
Satisfactory offers eclectic sausages and pasta along with rice bowl and quesadillas platters to enjoy every time you visit this food truck. The portions are big enough to satisfy any appetite.

8. Cluck Truck
Cluck Truck is dedicated to giving you the best chicken in town. It offers gourmet wraps that are perfect for someone who needs to eat on the go. If you're interested in a recommendation, the Hawaiian is a good option.

9. Black's Sliders
Black's Sliders takes a new approach to food truck industry by keeping in mind the health of their customers. Their slider dishes are free of antibiotics and are made with ingredients purchased locally from different vendors who hold the same food standards.

10. Saturday's Waffle
For a taste of the extraordinary, Saturday's Waffle is a great option. It serves gourmet waffles with plenty of different fruits, handmade sauces and other savory options that are not just unique but delicious as well.

Slack is from Utah, born and raised. He especially loves the outdoors, the cold weather, and eating great food.