Tastes for Your Mind and Your Stomach in Georgetown, SC


Each has its own style, its own aura. While size may matter in some respects, in others, smaller may be ideal. For instance, Georgetown, South Carolina, about 25 miles south of Myrtle Beach, is worth the drive to treat your mind with a museum visit and your stomach with lunch or dinner as well.

Gullah Museum
Nestled in a storefront a block from the town's iconic main street, the Gullah Museum is the offspring of Andrew and Vermelle "Bunny" Rodrigues. Andrew reaches out to each visitor, proudly showing the artifacts and tools he and Bunny collected over the years. But he is most proud, obviously so, of the story quilts she created. Each tells a story that Rodrigues retells, a history of the Gullah taken from their homes in west Africa to Georgia, South Carolina and their sea islands -- sometimes with stops in the Caribbean.

Pair your visit to the Gullah Museum with lunch or dinner at Aunny's. It's not quite Gullah food, lacking the heat of the Caribbean influence, but it is down-home Southern cooking with a menu that includes collards, mac and cheese, okra, fried and juicy chicken.

S.C. Maritime Museum
While the days of the sailing vessels and steamships that made their way along the Atlantic Coast are things of the past, the South Carolina Maritime Museum is very much an institution of the present, attracting hundreds of visitors each day. The Fresnel Light, installed in 1868 in the North Island lighthouse and running day and night until 1990 is a draw, as is the model for the Browns Ferry Vessel, the oldest commercial ship recovered along the coast, and the four-masted City of Georgetown, which sent South Carolina lumber up the coast.

River Room
Right across a small park -- or if you want a different view head for the river and back up to Front Street from the Maritime Museum the River Room continues the nautical theme with seafood in various forms that you can enjoy in a nautical decor. Not hungry for a full meal? Try a delicious dessert or just choose a glass or bottle from the wine list.

A.E. Crone has written and edited at home and abroad. She lives in coastal South Carolina.