Celebrate National Peach Month in Greenville, SC

August is a peach extravaganza in Greenville, SC. Not only is it National Peach Month, August also boasts National Eat a Peach Day (August 22) as well as National Peach Pie Day (August 24). You might be surprised to learn that South Carolina beats out Georgia (and all the other Southern states) in peach production, and the South Carolina peach is also the sweeter, juicier peach. Not that it's a contest or anything, but if you find yourself in Greenville in August, there are plenty of ways to celebrate the peach all month long.

Pick Your Own
For a fun family (or individual) outing, make a morning of it and head to a nearby farm to pick the perfect peach straight from the tree. Check out Fisher's Orchard, known especially for their peaches, to give it a go and get in on the fun. For the sweetest picks, look for peaches that are creamy or yellow in color. Callaham Orchards is another lovely place to try, and you can also pet the animals or mine for gems. Be sure to go early in the day to beat the summer heat, and wear long pants. Prepare to head home with hoards of ripe peaches to eat and share.

Just a Peach
In all its unadulterated goodness, eating a fresh, juicy peach all on its own cannot help but bring a smile to your face. Check out a farmer's markets in town to find a superb selection. The TD Saturday Market in downtown Greenville and the Traveler's Rest Farmer's Market are both worth a stop. Buy them by the basket full if you know what's good for you. If you happen to have any left, you can grill 'em, can 'em, or freeze 'em for the gift that keeps on giving.

In Pie Form
Lattice Pies takes the cake (er pie) around here. This pop-up pie shop keeps you wanting more by featuring inventive takes on the classics and using local, seasonal ingredients. The Peach Blackberry is to die for, plus you'll definitely want to try the other yummy flavors that scream summer, like Strawberry Basil and the infamous Tomato Pie. Lattice will be popping up on Fridays in August at Urban Digs from 4-7pm and Saturday August 6 and 20 at Knack Studios through the lunch hour. If you want to eat pie on days other than Friday and select Saturdays, Strossner's Bakery is a sure bet and tasty, too.

In Ice Cream Form
Dillard's Farm and Ice Cream Parlor is a three-for-one, where you can pick your own peaches, buy them already picked, or enjoy some of the delicious homemade peach ice cream. And since you can eat ice cream pretty much every day, there's plenty more places to check off the list to before the end of summer. In addition to their awesome pizzas, Sidewall Pizza also churns up Buttermilk Peach Biscuit ice cream that sounds like the best thing since sliced bread (or maybe even better). Also, keep any eye out for the Chillwagon, the self-proclaimed "coolest ice cream truck on the planet." Their enticing Cinnamon Peach Cobbler flavored-ice cream may make an appearance. They set up shop at the TR Market on the first Saturday in August.

If you're not quite up for making your own jam, luckily there are several spots in town where they do the heavy lifting for you, and you simply get to enjoy it on scones, toast, or whatever you fancy. Biscuit Head makes a heavenly peach rosemary jam to smear on their big-as-your-head biscuits. Go early for breakfast or be prepared to wait in line (it's worth the wait). Swamp Rabbit Cafe and Grocery also stocks several varieties of locally made jars of jams - perfect for gifts or spreading on their artisanal fresh-baked breads. There's nothing better.

August is the time to savor those last sweet days of summer by celebrating the month of the peach. Whether jam, pie, or pickin' peaches is your thing, one thing is for sure, get 'em while you can.

Jannan Poppen is a travel writer based in Greenville, SC. She's an explorer at heart and will try just about anything once, including Pokemon Go.