Four Towns You Can Buy Right Now

I recently started watching a comedy show on Amazon called Schitt's Creek where a family— after losing their fortune and with no other assets—move to a town the husband previously purchased as a joke. The idea seemed a bit far-fetched but after watching a few episodes I began to wonder if there were any actual small towns for sale. Since I'm a writer I did what I do best, research. To my surprise, I found that although rare, sometimes you can find towns for sale. In fact, I found four you can purchase today. They are (drum roll):

Hell, Michigan

For $900,000 you can own a piece of Hell on Earth. The 5-acre town of Hell, Michigan is on the market and includes a bunch of properties in this tourist town. You'll get an ice cream parlor, souvenir shop and wedding chapel. You will be the proud owner of Damnation University, a weather station, post office and a miniature golf business. You also get to operate canoe and kayak rentals as part of the purchase.

Cal-Nev-Ari, Nevada

If you have $8 million that you don't need, you could be the proud new owner of Cal-Nev-Ari, a small town located a short drive from Las Vegas. The current owner is selling the 520-acre town and will throw in a casino, restaurant, motel, post office, air strip and hanger, bar, convenience store, RV park, and mobile home park. The town has about 350 residents and is located on busy U.S. Highway 95.

Cabin Creek, Colorado
A 5 acre ghost town for sale in Cabin Creek, ColoradoDenver Post via Getty Images

If $8 million is out of your price range, you can buy Cabin Creek, Colorado, 5-acre ghost town for $350,000. The sale includes two houses, an 8-room motel, a gas station and shooting range. There's also a restaurant and small RV park.

Nipton, California
Warm late afternoon light falls on the front porch of the historic Hotel Nipton in this remote MojaLA Times via Getty Images​​​​​​​

For $5 million you can own the 80-acre town of Nipton, California. Included in the purchase is a small hotel, café, an old schoolhouse that now serves as a meeting facility, and a general store. There's also an RV park in this town located near the California-Nevada border.

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