'Pokémon Go' Tips: Where to Hunt for Pokemon in Long Beach

Pokemon Go may seem like "just another game", but it is truly changing culture as we know it. With the ever-evolving community of Long Beach, CA, diverse groups of introverts and extroverts alike are jumping on the bandwagon. The augmented reality app may be a simple trend, but it is the start of a completely new field of technology that is being accessed by the public in masses. Droves of people are arriving at parks, museums, art structures, churches, etc in order to catch 'em all. Here is a short-yet-simple list of places that you may pop-in and discover many Pokestops, Gyms, and Pokemon within the region of Long Beach, CA.

Downtown LBC
In general, Downtown Long Beach has adopted a trendy vibe over the last few years. Artsy-bike posts are on nearly every corner and frequently count as Pokestops. Murals are frequently spotted on sides of vintage brick buildings that stand as Pokemon Gyms. Given that it is a lively weekend night, it would not be an unusual sight to spot Pokemon littering the street pavement thanks to Pokestop Lures.

Queen Mary/Shoreline Village
For those seafaring folk out there, I recommend visiting the Queen Mary and Shoreline Village areas. Combined with the recently-renovated The Pike Outlets and the Aquarium of the Pacific, these coastal properties provide many virtual locations of interest. Additionally, you will get the benefit of capturing monsters that are unique to being ocean creatures.

Long Beach Towne Center
Though there is no specific algorithm that is known to the public, it seems from personal experience that Pokemon are attracted to large groupings of people. Since Long Beach does not currently have its own indoor mall, the LBTC serves as an outdoor go-to spot for shopping and entertainment needs. On weekends (especially holidays and large movie openings), the parking lot tends to become overloaded. This provides a benefit as you can walk a great distance from your car to your destination and catch a few monsters in the process.

El Dorado Park
On the backside of the LBTC lies a large park that is central to most outdoor events in Long Beach. Scouting events, archery, fishing, biking, hiking and many other activities are performed on a daily basis among the squirrels and trees. A portion of the park's landscape is dedicated to a woodsy Nature Center with a lake filled of turtles. Going for a breezy hike, you are sure to hatch an egg or two from your Pokemon incubation collection.

Belmont Shore
Filled to the brim with a set of (non-literal) revolving set of shops and restaurants, 4th Street is the vibrant center of nightlife in Long Beach. Belmont Shore hosts monthly community events including the popular "Stroll & Savor" that allows patrons to sample each of the local eateries. The shoreline businesses provide a perfect balance of being populated, beach-front, and art-centric for the best possible outcome of capturing that Pikachu that your heart so desires.

Ian has lived in the Los Angeles area for 23 years. He has also been alive for 23 years. When Ian isn't writing freelance, he is a sales dude, cook, comedian, and iphoneographer. Ian also loves referring to himself in third person.