Celebrate National Eat a Peach Day in Philadelphia

If you're looking for a foodie holiday to celebrate in Philly this August, "National Eat a Peach Day" is certainly a keen choice. All puns aside, peaches are loaded with vitamins, they're perfect for hot summer days and buying them in Philly helps to promote the local farmers. Oh, you didn't realize there was farmland in Philly? Farmland is virtually cropping up everywhere (these puns appear to be writing themselves). From the rooftops to the side streets, from the balconies to the suburbs on the outskirts of the city, you're sure to see at least one fruit bearing farm. To celebrate "National Eat a Peach Day" right, you should begin by picking the peaches yourself.

Step 1: Start Early

In honor of "National Eat a Peach Day" Buck's County's cozy Peddler's Village is dedicating an entire weekend to the art of eating peaches. Their Peach Festival and Sidewalk Sale takes place the weekend of August 12, just in time to stock up for the holiday. Admission and parking is free and the streets will be lined with artsy sidewalk vendors and alive with music and entertainment. Attendees can enjoy a wide assortment of family oriented activities and the weekend is complete with a peach pie eating contest.

Step 2: Pick Your Peaches

When it comes to picking peaches, there are tons of Philly farms to choose from and many of them are new and part of an urban agricultural initiative. Among them are:
  • Nice Roots Farm--- This farm is nice, not just because of its vegetation but mainly because it's got heart. The Nice Roots Farm gives back to the community in major ways, from giving food to the less fortunate to teaching children agricultural skills.
  • Walnut Hill Community Farm--- This solar powered orchard is bent on building sustainable infrastructure while providing the community with fresh from the farm produce.
  • Linvilla Orchards--- Situated just outside of the city, this colossal orchard has been a tried and true local attraction for decades.
Step 3: Save the Leftovers

If you happen to have any delicious peaches left over after the holiday, that's great because August 24 is National Peach Pie Day so keep your eyes peeled for local bake-offs. Alternatively, if you've yet to have your fill of peaches by the time National Peach Pie Day comes around, check out Brown Betty's or Aprons Soul Food.

Philadelphia's not just growing peaches, we're also growing trees, vegetables, businesses and a reputation built on generosity. A beautiful, sustainable cityscape is right on the horizon.

Pennsylvania native and resident Cynthia Griffith is a full-time staff writer for the Philadelphia section of The Poet's Guide. Her musings on the topic of Philly, Wilmington and the suburbs between them has earned her a spot as a longtime contributor to popular blogs like VisitWilmingtonde, Buzzoto Beat, Modern Chic Magazine and more.