Donald Trump Announces Denver Rally: 3 Reasons Colorado Will See A Lot More of the Don

Donald Trump announced he will hold a rally in Denver this Friday, July 29, after a private event in Colorado Springs. It seems the Hair is gearing up to spend lots of time in Colorado on the heels of the Democratic National Convention. Here five reasons why us Coloradoans need to brace ourselves for more Trump over the coming months:

1. The Delegate Walkout at the Republican National Convention
Colorado delegates staged a walkout on the floor of the Republican National Convention, alongside delegates from other states, in an effort to force a roll-call vote in a last-ditch effort to keep Donald Trump from becoming the Republican Nominee. While ultimately unsuccessful, Trump definitely took notice of the Colorado delegates walking off the floor (who, by the way, picked Ted Cruz in a 'rigged' caucus). He understands he needs to campaign hard in a state which has only recently flipped to blue from red, and not by a wide margin.

2. Party Unity
The idea of party unity clearly went out the window along with Ted Cruz's RNC speech last week, but Colorado is one of the prime regions that Trump will need to mend some damaged G.O.P. relationships. The state's top Republican, Senator Cory Gardner, refuses to endorse him, and there are still plenty of hard feeling from that whole 'Trump calling the entire Colorado voting process rigged' thing mentioned above. Some of the strongest Dump Trump supporters are right here the Centennial State. If there's any hope of bridging party gaps, Trump will be making his way through more than we might care to admit.

3. Fundraising
Colorado Springs is home to Focus on the Family headquarters, the Air Force Academy, and the 10,000+ member New Life Church, among other institutions that appear to give the city a conservative political slant. The Springs also boasts a large proportion of white collar workers and a relatively high average net-worth. This makes it the perfect spot for Trump to stir up much-needed campaign dollars to combat the fundraising machine of Hillary Clinton.

Colorado figures to play an important role heading into the November elections, so for better or worse, we better all get ready for some yuuuuuge Trump appearances.

James McKarley has lived in Denver for the past 15 years, writing on sports, news, and technology.