Eureka Springs Treehouses, Caves, Castles and Hobbits

When most people plan a vacation they think of taking a cruise, going to a tropical island to relax on the beach, going to Disney, or maybe even going skiing somewhere in the mountains. Have you ever thought about vacationing in a cave, a castle, or up in a tree in the middle of nature though? This peaceful vacation getaway at Eureka Springs Treehouses in Eureka Springs, Arkansas seems like a great way to relieve your worries and stress. Don't forget to take pictures. Once you vacation there, you will want to live there forever.

Up in a Tree

There are several styles of treehouses to choose from. Some of their features include a king-sized bed, Jacuzzi for two, 40-inch flat panel television, DVD player, deck, extended walkway, wireless internet, a fireplace, air conditioner, and more. The decorations are all unique and lovely. The Swiss Family Robinson never had it this good.

Enchanted Forest Caverns

Going through the woods and up a stone stairwell brings you to one of the enchanted forest caverns. A king-sized bed, Jacuzzi for two, 50-inch flat panel television, DVD player, covered patio, wireless internet and more make this cave a luxury suite. There are two caverns to choose from. Each one is just a little bit different, but either of them will delight you. Peace and tranquility will abound in your very own secluded cave.

Magical Castle Treehouse

Of kings and queens, princes, and princesses. A suit of armor and a secret passage shower make this castle treehouse even more unbelievably amazing. These treehouse will leave you in awe. There are three castle treehouses to choose from. Each one of them is magical. Some of their features include a king-sized bed, 50-inch flat panel television, tower Jacuzzi for two, a secret passage shower, DVD player, a covered deck with a glider, wireless internet, fireplace, air conditioner, kitchenette, and more. You will feel like you stepped back in time and are part of a fairy tale. Feel like a prince or a princess in one of these noble quarters.

Hobbit Cave or Kauai Grotto's

A stone-walled dwelling and covered patio will bring you to the world of a hobbit. Each with similar features as the treehouses and caves, these secluded accommodations will stretch far beyond your imagination. There are three hobbit caves and two grotto's to choose from. The décor will mesmerize you and leave you with a memory that you will never forget.

Sarah Jonae-Ryan has lived in Rochester for more than 30 years. She has several blogs written on a variety of topics.