Five New York City Facts Confirmed In Movies

New York City and Hollywood films go together like cream and coffee. New Yorkers take entertainment seriously especially movies, and we'd have much to say if a film didn't capture the true essence of New York. With that said, here's a list of five facts confirmed in films that you can turn to if you're ever curious about what it's like living in New York City.

Superheroes Live Here

Yes, our firefighters are amazing but the superheroes in films prove that New York City is the place to be if you want to be rescued from anything. Seriously, it's like someone put out an ad beckoning superheroes to come live in the city of skyscrapers. As confirmed in films like X-Men, Superman, Spiderman, Fantastic Four, and even the mutated turtles who live in the sewer, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, it has been confirmed that we're covered when it comes to caped crusaders, heroes with superpowers, and hard-shelled turtles rescuing us from danger.

It's One of the Fashion Capitals of the World

Did someone say Madison or 5th Avenue? New York is one fashionable city and we're always ahead of trends in fashion. This is evident in all the Sex and the City movies where four friends chase labels and love in this concrete jungle of dreams. We also take it very seriously as you've seen in The Devil Wears Prada. That, and New York City fashion editors are not to be played with and should be respected for their contributions to the society of fashion.

NYC is At the Center of Apocalyptic Events

Hollywood just loves to blow New York up although some have been a little gentle following one of our most heartbreaking events. But New York is and still has been a screenwriter and director's dream to ruin. There's Godzilla and Cloverfield to back this up. New York is also a place to be if you're the last man (or woman) on earth as confirmed in I Am Legend. But not to worry, if saving the world is too big for our superheroes, we've got our thankless secret government agents who will get everything back in order as shown by the Men in Black. We just won't remember any of it.

New York is a Great Place to Fall in Love Unexpectedly

Our winters may be cold and our summers hot but love can always be found here no matter who or where in the city you are. You could be a widow like Loretta in Moonstruck and fall for the brother of the man you're supposed to marry or you could fall in love with your neighbor like in Breakfast at Tiffany's. New Yorker's are usually always working and fall in love while on the job like Hitch and Sara did in the movie Hitch. And because we are one big melting pot of cultures and ethnicities, foreigners also come here to find love like Prince Akeem did in Coming to America. The smell of street meat isn't the only thing saturating the air. Love's there too!

Some New Yorkers are Crazy and Possessed

Yup, it's not a myth. And yes, we've seen it all and can be slightly pretentious about it. Surely you've watched enough of the Law & Order franchise shows to know that we've got crazies amongst us. And they come in all varieties from the wealthy, American Psycho, to the average joes, Bone Collector. Some are even rumored to be a part of cults, The Devil's Advocate and Rosemary's Baby, and a lot of them are obsessed mistresses, Fatal Attraction. What else would you expect from the city that never sleeps?

Samantha Greaves is a life-long New Yorker whose favorite New York based film is Spike Lee's Do The Right Thing. When she isn't writing for Parachute, she can be found blogging at or procrastinating but still getting things done like the average New Yorker.

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