Celebrate Beer Day with a Local Brew in Lisbon

On August 5, the world celebrates beer day. For Portugal, a country famous for the rich gastronomy and addicted to tidbits, good beer is imperative. So apart from the most popular national beers - Sagres & Super Bock- for the last few years a few traditional beer breeders started to emerge. Committed to preserving quality and tradition, these new breeders keep their production limited, making it hard to find outside Portugal. So, once you're here and to celebrate this special day, here are a few of the best national traditional brews worth trying out:

The first Portuguese brewed beer originating this fast growing market of locally produced beers. Sovina was born in Oporto but rapidly conquered the whole country. Today Sovina has five varieties in the market: Amber, Helles, IPA, Stout and Wheat. Seasonally it also produces a special edition - Amber Vintage - aged in Oporto wine casks, benefiting from the perks of being from a tradition vineyard region.

Born in 2013 by the hands of a father and son partnership. The passion for this traditional craft and their quest for technique perfection was soon recognised. In 2014 Maldita was awarded Europe's Best Beer Prize and the year after it took home the Silver Award from the International Dark Beer Competition. These two should be enough reasons to give it a try.

Three friends united by their common passion for beer started to make some experiences around brewery in 2006. After a few successful results with a small production for local events they decided to take it more seriously. Vadia was born. Made only with natural ingredients and spring water, this beer is unfiltered and unpasteurized, preserving its natural and unaltered flavour.

To try this beer, you have to go to the place where it is produced - Duque Brewpub. Aroeira is not sold outside this little bar in the center of Lisbon, home of a few other Portuguese brewed beers. With a production capacity of no more than 1500 litres per month, Aroeira is one of the most exclusive and desired Lisbon-born beers.

A group of entrepreneurs got together and started experimenting with brewing. They were so excited with the results that they decided to move forward. Bolina was born. But the restless spirit and the will to keep experimenting is what makes this brand so unique. They are always investing in new flavours making it is difficult to drink the same Bolina twice. The only guarantee is that the next is surely better.

Silvia is a writer and a traveller born and raised in Lisbon. Although her journeys have been taking her a bit everywhere in the world, Lisbon is the city where she always return to unveil and write about its never ending wonders.

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