Celebrate National Banana Split Day in Los Angeles

On a late August day, there's nothing quite like a tasty ice cream treat to help make the heat just a little more bearable. Maybe that's why August 25 was declared National Banana Split Day. If you happen to be in Los Angeles, as the old joke goes, make like a banana and split — to one of these five places to celebrate.

1. Fosters Freeze
This chain of ice cream stands that's been around since 1946 offers a good ol' old-school banana split, with bananas, soft-serve vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup, strawberries, pineapple, nuts and, of course, whipped cream with a cherry on top. "Fun, Fun, Fun" fact: The Fosters Freeze in Hawthorne is where Brian Wilson wrote this tune and other Beach Boys classics.

2. Fosselman's
You'll feel like you've time-traveled back to the early 20th century in this authentic soda fountain that's been in Alhambra, about nine miles east of Los Angeles, for almost 100 years. The rather ginormous banana splits are made with three scoops of their ridiculously creamy homemade ice cream. You can choose from the old standbys vanilla and chocolate, as well as other slightly more modern flavors like taro, macapuno (coconut) and espresso.

3. Milk
The two locations of this ice cream shop—Milk Silver Lake and the busier Milk Beverly—serve huge, decadent banana splits with your choice of house-made ice cream or gelato flavors and toppings. Banana dulce de leche is a popular choice, but you can also choose red velvet, nutella, blueberry crumble and other interesting ice cream flavors that vary daily.

4. Sweet Rose Creamery
The best part of the banana splits made by this chain of five ice cream parlors, aside from the tasty scoops of handcrafted ice cream (dairy free is also available) and the roasted candied almonds sprinkled on top, are the sauces: you can choose from fudgy chocolate, bourbon caramel and others. There are locations in the Brentwood Country Mart, Santa Monica, mid city, Pacific Palisades and Studio City.

5. Yoga-Urt
Can a vegan banana split actually be delicious? It certainly can, as Yoga-Urt in Glendale proves. The creamy soft serve "yogurt," made on site with house-made almond milk, contains no soy, dairy or gluten. Most of the other ingredients, including the bananas, and strawberries, are organic. With treats this healthy, every day could be Banana Split Day.

Laura Goldman is a freelance writer and lifelong Angeleno. Check out her i Still Love Dogs blog and follow her on Twitter.

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