Where to Train Like an Olympic Athlete in Dayton, Ohio

While swimsuit season is already in full-swing, you still have a chance to tone up and get a better beach bod (even if it is just in time for Christmas). So peel yourself off of the couch, slap on some spandex, and get moving in any way you feel is a good fit for you. Whether you are a gym rat or a nature-loving hiking nut, Dayton has a place for you to get physical any time of year.

Huffman Metro Park
Any of the metro parks are a good bet for great walking trails, but Huffman Metro Park boasts some of the best mountain biking in the region. Having been named for the founders of the Huffy bike manufacturers, it should live up to the hype. Even if two wheels aren't for you, there are plenty of hiking trails and you are welcome to bring your furry, four-legged friends along for support as long as they are on a leash.

The Dirty Gym
Despite the name, this gym is not in fact dirty. It is one of the most unique gyms in Dayton, though, as it isn't your run-of-the-mill franchise free-weight factory. The Dirty Gym is located downtown near enough to the Second Street Market that you could swing by after to stock up on healthy groceries, too. With an emphasis on personalized workouts and strength training, The Dirty Gym is for those that really want results.

Five Seasons Sports Club
For the full Olympian experience, pack a gym bag and head over to Dayton's Five Seasons Sports Club. Of course it has the expected free weights and gym equipment to prep those pecs before strutting your stuff on the side of the Olympic-sized pool. After you have thoroughly worn yourself out being athletic eye-candy, you can get gold-medal service at the on-site spa. After all, your muscle cramps need working out, too.

Yes, there is always an excuse not to exercise - no time, too hot, too cold, too tired. Instead of making excuses, try changing your thinking. Get excited and plan to take a hike or a bike ride as opposed to "having to exercise." It might just get you fit while you are busy having fun with friends.

Marguerite may have moved from big city sophisticate to Midwest maven, but she refuses to stop seeking out the finer things (on a budget) wherever she may be. She also contributes to national trade publications and business journals.