The Ultimate Hudson Valley Pokemon Go Road Trip

The Hudson Valley is home to amazing hikes and cool cultural landmarks. And these days, it's full of one more thing you may be looking for: Pokemon. Whether you're the Pokemon Go fanatic, or you have a loved one who loves it, these great locations in New York's Hudson Valley region are guaranteed to give you a taste of what the area has to offer as well as a rare Pokemon or two!

Beacon, NY has experienced quite a renaissance in recent years, owing in part to the creation of one of the area's best contemporary art museums, Dia:Beacon. (By the way, if you're into contemporary art, visit Dia. It's pretty great.) After that, take a walk down Main Street and you'll find at least 30 Pokestops in a half mile radius. You'll also find an ever-growing number of art galleries, unique stores, and delicious restaurants.

If you're in the mood for a more active day, take a short drive over to Mount Beacon and hike the Incline Railway trail to the top. Word is that it is crawling with Pokemon, and the view at the top is one of the best East of the Hudson. Just make sure to bring plenty of water. It's a steep climb.

Locust Grove (Poughkeepsie)
Travel up Route 9 to Poughkeepsie and you'll find Locust Grove, the estate of Samuel F. B. Morse (the inventor of Morse Code.) The building and grounds function as host to numerous events and activities, tours of the mansion are available, and the grounds are gorgeous. (We often visit just to walk along the five miles of carriage trails that run through the woods behind the estate.) There have been reports that Locust Grove is home to a number of Pokemon, too, and all that hiking along the trails will definitely get you a little bit closer to hatching that 10k egg you've been incubating!

Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum
Travel even further up Route 9 and you'll come to the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum (and FDR's home, Springwood.) If you've never visited (or even if it's just been a while,) make it a point to visit now. You won't regret it.

Tours of FDR's home are available of course (and well worth the price of admission.) The museum is also a must-see. It was renovated a couple years ago and the results are nothing short of breathtaking. And, as with all of the mansions in the area, the grounds and trails are fun and well-maintained. There are trails behind Springwood that criss-cross through the forest that FDR played in as a child and go all the way to Vanderbilt Mansion, another Pokemon hot spot.

Omi International Arts Center
Located all the way up in Ghent (about an hour North of Hyde Park,) this one is a bit out of the way, but worth the trip. Omi is a sculpture park that rivals the popular Storm King Art Center in my opinion. Admission is free (though donations are appreciated,) and the art ranges from the heartbreaking to the whimsical (and is always changing!)

One of my favorite things about sculpture parks is how nature interacts with the art. Groundhogs burrow under sculptures. Birds flit along in the fields, accompanied by damselflies and butterflies. Painted turtles sun themselves alongside pond-side installations. And now, Pokemon join them. Omi is crawling with Pokestops, making it an interesting experience. Come for the art, stay for the nature, and catch a couple Eevees while you're there.

This is only a fraction of all the cool and interesting spots we have in the Hudson Valley, so hopefully you'll make multiple trips to visit us. Just make sure to look up from your game once in a while so you don't miss anything!

Veronica Stork has lived in the Hudson Valley for her entire life. She works there as a librarian, and spends almost all her free time hiking and eating locally.