Finding Yoda in St. Maarten

St. Maarten is known for its clear blue waters, warm weather, open air bars, shops and resorts on both the French or Dutch side of the island and clothing optional beaches. But did you know, you could find your way off the beaten path to please the inner geek?

How about a museum dedicated to Yoda from Star Wars? Yes! Star Wars' fans, you can get your fix in the Caribbean in between tanning and shopping.

Of course, you should still visit the St. Maarten Museum and most definitely put your feet in the sand on the public beach if not a resort, but you must put the Yoda Guy Movie Exhibit on your list. Judging by the crowd in the small upstairs museum, many others felt the same way.

Upon arriving you climb the stairs to the second level, walking past wax and plastic images of different characters from movies. When you enter the museum, you can simply view and shop autographed photos and posters for free or pay around $12 per person to enter. The entrance fee can be applied towards your purchase of merchandise in the shop.

The museum is a non-profit run by Nick Maley, a movie industry special effects makeup artist who helped to create Yoda and other movie characters. On a good day, you can even meet Nick, get a personalized autograph and take a picture with him (upon purchasing items from the store, which help pay for museum's rent).

Items on display include replicas and original film set items from Star Wars, Superman, Coming to America and other classics. During a visit, you can see copies of scripts, costumes of the villains of various movies and the fictional weapons they used as you wind through a dark corridor. The behind-the-scenes photos of cast members of the original Star Wars is worth the visit. It's a glimpse back into the 1970s as you stare at images of a young Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, Billy Dee Williams and Carrie Fisher.

Yet, there are other cool items like seeing a Zamunda dollar bill from Coming to America. There are many cool and unique movie memorabilia at the museum. If you are a movie buff, you could spend two to three hours looking at sci-fi items from past films placed in individual sets similar to the original movies.

If you are a sci-fi geek and want a break from the beach or the sun, a visit to the Yoda Guy Movie Exhibit is worth the money and time, even in a paradise like St. Maarten.

Have you been to the Yoda Guy Movie Exhibit?

Ebony T. Grimsley-Vaz is the Creative Director and Owner of Above Promotions Company. She is also the author of "Because You're Small: Effective Marketing Strategies for Immediate Implementation" which is sold online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other stores and a contributor to various media outlets.