The Best Places For Cat Lovers in Austin

Austin purports to be a dog lover's dream, but cat-aholics can also enjoy the purrrrks of this pet-friendly city. Whether you're searching for a fantastic spot to share time with your pointy-eared comrade, pick up some supplies, or find a kitty cohort or another cat roommate, this burgeoning metropolis has dozens of great options for cat aficionados and their feline friends.

Find a New Friend
Lost kitties and strays are in good hands in Austin. This city is one of the few large cities which can boast a no-kill policy. Having all these non-euthanizing shelters also means there are hundreds of furry friends in need of a good home. Those of us searching for a new companion have a lot of great options, including the Austin Humane Society and Austin Pets Alive. There are a lot of loving little creatures waiting for you.

Cat about Town
Whether running errands or looking for a place to relax between tasks, Austin has a few businesses with cat friendly confines. Dolce Neve, featuring delightful frozen treats, also offers a pet friendly environment – usually meaning dogs. But if you take your cat for walks on a leash, they wouldn't have a problem. And while you can't bring your critter in to help pick out a unique musical gift, you ought to pet shop cat Quincy when you visit Wild About Music.

Coffee and Cats
BYOC (bring your own cat) establishments may be hard to come by, but there is one place you can grab a hot or iced coffee and pick up some kitty supplies at the same time. Blue Cat Café offers fresh, hot espresso, sweet vegan treats, and adorable friends to pet. If you find one of those charming critters too appealing to leave behind, you can adopt her or him on the spot as well. A $3 entry fee goes to help felines in need.

Taking Care of Your Kitten
Much like people, our feline friends need regular checkups. Austin has several fantastic clinics and hospitals that provide the regular care your cat needs. Places like Austin Urban Vet Center, South Park Animal Hospital, and the Cat Hospital of Austin are some of the most impressive and attentive preventative care centers for your cat comrade.

Catnip to Your Doorstep
Suppose you're running out of catnip, but you're little friend's sunlight doze is making you feel lazy. No problem. Simply give a call or head online to Bark 'n' Purr or Tomlinson's Feed & Pets. These local pet supply purveyors will happily drop off a sachet of nip and a bag of her favorite crunchies on your front door. Bear in mind, there is a minimum delivery charge.

Andy L. Kubai is a freelance writer and transplanted Austinite who's been exploring the internal and external wonders of his new home for the last 5 years. Find out more about Andy on his website.

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