4 Cat Attractions in Portland

Portland is filled with animal lovers that take their roles as pet owners seriously. From amazing veterinarians and kitty kennels, Portland helps everyone take great care of their pets. But there's more to being a cat lover than just the occasional trip to the vet or picking up a new toy at PetSmart. Check out some of the more interesting spots to show your love of cats.

Cat Lounge
Portland is home to one of the few cat lounges in the country and the only cat café in the Pacific Northwest. At Purrington's Cat Lounge, you can play with kitties, and even enjoy the occasional burger and beer. Purrington's is set up to give cats and prospective owners a chance to get to know each other outside of a shelter setting. The building is split into two sides, so that you can eat and drink on one side and then enjoy cats on the other side. Purrington's also hosts occasional events, such as yoga, which provides cat therapy with light stretching.

Cat Performances
Cats the Musical came to Portland's version of Broadway a few years back. This year, The Amazing Acro-Cats, a performing group of actual rescued cats are set to do a show at The Aladdin Theater. The cats do all kinds of tricks and song and dance, just like human Broadway stars.

Cat Shows
The Cat Fanciers Association Northwest Region holds shows throughout Oregon as people parade their furry friends to find the most-perfect specimens. Check out the cute kitties when the group hosts a show at the Doubletree Hotel Lloyd Center.

Cat Food Stores
If you're into a raw food diet, then Meat can do the same for your cat because it's not your standard pet food store. Meat specializes in raw food diet products for cats and dogs so that they can eat a natural and healthy diet that is easy on your wallet, but also has canned and dry foods as well.

Carly Zinderman is a freelance writer from Los Angeles that currently spends her time exploring Portland. She has written for many websites on topics including travel, food and drink.