Hot Food Carts On Temple University's Campus in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is home to many colleges and universities. One of the largest schools in the area is Temple University. And this school is at the epicenter of cheap eating. Whether it's food carts, small bistros and cafes featuring cuisine from around the world to a sports pub, college kids on a tight budget can still enjoy a night out.

Insomnia Cookie Cart
Located in Templetown on North 13th Street, this cookie cart delivers cookies to all insomniacs until 3a.m. The cart opens at different times between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. on different days. It features a wide variety of cookies from traditional chocolate chip to ice-cream cookie sandwiches, plus a variety of toppings and mix-ins. Whether students need a sugar fix in the morning or for a late night study cram session, Insomnia offers everything, including that much-needed glass of milk. For more information and the extensive menu, click here.

Brothers Mobile Pizza Truck
Pizza is a staple food whether in college or not. So, students find this yummy and cheap truck an important part of their diet on campus. Rain or shine there is a long line of hungry college kids waiting to fill up with a couple of slices before their afternoon classes begin. It is located right outside the SAC (student activities center on North 12th Street). Hours always change so call 215-242-4737.

Sexy Green Truck
This food truck is located in "Templetown" at 11th and Montgomery Streets. This truck is friendly to vegetarians along with meat eaters. It is super cheap and offers healthy options like salads and not so healthy options like waffle cheese fries. This truck does not roam around the city.

This red and blue striped truck is another Temple staple located at 13th and Norris Streets. It offers traditional crepes like ham and cheese or the sweet favorite - Nutella and banana. There are quirky combos such as buffalo chicken with blue cheese sauce, and gyro meat, pepperoni, cheese, tomato sauce and ranch dressing. It is cheap and a fun spot to hang with other students.

Kobawoo Express
This red Korean lunch truck is located on 13th St. right on front of Beury Hall. It offers a limited selection but excellent food and reasonable prices. Greatest Ramen bowl, spicy pork lunch box with a choice of two delicious sides (usually from a selection of 6). Also really good Kimchi Jjim with Pork Ribs.

Stasia DeMarco is a native Philadelphian. She has been a freelance journalist and content strategist for 20+ years.

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