Puuuurfect Tips for Feline Lovers in Nashville

Kitties! They're everywhere -- on balconies, in videos and on tank tops and t-shirts. Cats are loved and hated simultaneously because of their temperamental attitudes and comedic mishaps. Nashville is full of kitty-lovin' locales, from adoption organizations to pet superstores. Read along to find out the best places to meet and accommodate the kitties of your dreams.

Nashville Cat Rescue
Nashville Cat Rescue is an organization devoted strictly to kitties. All inhabitants are former homeless, abused or kill-shelter cats who just want a good, loving home. The rescue placed over 1000 cats in forever homes in 2014 and is currently working to house even more. The cool thing is that NCR isn't your typical humane society -- they work with foster families to help nurture kitties until they are ready to be adopted, and that's a step up from the kennel-like situations that some shelters offer. PetsMart and Pet Supermarket also display the rescues in hopes of pairing them with devoted humans. If you check the local news, these same stores will have specialty adoption days with perks for taking Fluffy home. Awww.

Nashville Humane Society
Nashville Humane Society is a really neat place to look for dogs and cats. The facility has playrooms, visiting rooms and kennel rooms for individuals and families to use as they peruse the selection for their next furry addition. Each animal has a name, and inhabitants range from abused to neglected to dropped off by a loving family because circumstances changed causing them to forfeit their pet(s). For $75-$85 dollars, kitties can be adopted on the spot. For some, the adoption fee is a bit off putting; however, when you take into consideration each cat is spayed or neutered, given shots and microchipped, you can't beat the price. Our 12 month old tuxedo kitten, Roxy, is a Nashville Human Society rescue, and while she's pretty good at tearing up things and terrorizing the older cats, she's worth the $85 bones we dropped to take her home. Hey, if you're lucky enough to show up on Clear the Shelter event day, you'll get your kitty for free.

Grassland Animal Clinic - Gallatin
Dr. Allen is one of the best vets around (in my opinion), and she is no nonsense in the clinic. With a heart of gold and a really sweet assistant on hand, Dr. Allen loves on and genuinely cares about each and every animal that comes in her office. She remembers the details, almost like your pet is her family, too. The biggest thing I love about her is that she is a vet because she truly loves animals and not because she's out for a dollar. Some places have vaccinated my older cat for things that were unnecessary, and it wasn't until Dr. Allen that I realized I was being overcharged for minimal services. She'll answer any questions you have and never makes pet moms and dads feel as though they need to rush. Her prices are reasonable, especially when you consider her profound knowledge of animals and their various quirks. She has such a big heart that she'll help pet owners re-home animals if something happens that prevents them from keeping the pets. I should know, as my husband and I took on Coco, our three-year-old calico who was a former patient of Dr. Allen's. I drive clear across town just to tote our three kitties to her, and I think you'll be glad you made the trek, too.

A Final Thought
Just short of perusing Craigslist or cruising department store parking lots for "free kittens" scrawled on a box, the above locations will give you secure and trustworthy avenues for adopting and caring for cats. Kittens are cute and cats are sometimes ornery, but at the end of the day, they all need loving homes. Looking into the face of a kitty who just chewed a chunk off the bookshelf to hide for pleasure is heartwarming, even if it means replacing the furniture at some point in the near future (thanks, Roxy). Give our furry friends a loving home; maybe they'll watch some funny cat videos with you as you snuggle on the couch at the end of a long and puuuuurfect day. Happy adopting!

Ashley is an English teacher, cat lover and fitness freak with a love of words and an equal affinity for talking and eating. She enjoys family and friends and truly believes that dancing while eating makes everything taste better -- especially chocolate and coffee.