Where to Watch College Football in Rochester, NY

College football games are great to watch at home, but they are even better when you watch them in a place where you can eat delicious food and whoop it up with your friends. You also don't have to pick up the mess afterwards. With multiple viewing screens, these are the top three places that rock for watching college football in Rochester, NY.

The Distillery

HDTV's, music, darts, great food, and drinks are what makes The Distillery a popular choice for watching college football games. Great offers on food, such as senior discounts, blue plate specials, happy hour, half-price wings, and more are available. Sign up for their birthday, anniversary, and loyalty club for even better savings. Enjoy the multiple screens throughout to catch up on the latest college football game action.

Bathtub Billy's Restaurant & Sports Bar

Great food, drinks, and high-definition screens are just some of the reasons that make Bathtub Billy's a local favorite. Watch college football games while enjoying the additional perks of great company, darts, pool, and their two-tiered outside deck. Bathtub Billy's also has an amazing outdoor volleyball court. Check out the memorabilia on the wall of the sports stars who have visited here.

The Exchange Restaurant

The Exchange Restaurant is located in the Corn Hill neighborhood of Rochester. This sports bar features great food, beverages, and music for the entire family. Enjoy eating outside as well on the patio with its relaxing view of the river. Multiple screens make this a great place to catch the latest football game while enjoying some social time with your friends. Sign up on their website for their newsletter to get the latest in discounts, events, and promo offers.

Sarah Jonae-Ryan has lived in Rochester for more than 30 years. She has several blogs written on a variety of topics.