Catering to Your Cat Along the South Strand

The American Veterinary Medicine Association says that as of 2012 more than 30 percent of American households shared space with at least one cat and most with two After all, if one cat is good, two has got to be better, right?

For those who are owned by a feline, own one or just are allowed to serve one, there's a way to ensure that your fur baby is well coddled along the Grand Strand.

Specialized Vets

While almost any small animal veterinarian or clinic will treat cats, you can choose The Cat's Meow, a practice devoted to cats. With two veterinarians on staff, the clinic handles boarding, grooming and other services, and is involved with local rescue groups to provide low-cost spay and neutering. And if you're looking to adopt -- or be adopted -- The Cat's Meow can do that too.

Looking Good

While cats, for the most part, groom themselves, there are some times when they need some help. It takes about an hour to an hour and a half to do a good job from claws to tails. Your finicky feline have a special play date? She can get primped and can preen with a visit to The Cat's Meow or Angel Pets in Murrells Inlet. The small shop lets you book online and caters to senior and cats with special needs.

Boarding and Day Care

Whether for a day, a week or two or in between, if you cat allows you to leave home without him, you can be assured he'll be well cared for at Inlet Professional Pet Granna. He'll have his own room and can relax on the covered catio. If he's social, he can play with the other guests. Pet Granna will come to your home if your cat won't travel. Of course, the Cat's Meow also offers boarding.

Finding Your Friend

While most pet stores hold weekly or monthly adoption events, nonprofit cat rescue organizations are your best bet, and the best among them is Sav-R-Cats in Surfside Beach. The group screens animals and would-be adopters carefully, so neither segment ends up with a bad relationship.

A.E. Crone is a freelance writer living near Myrtle Beach, S.C. She has written and edited for a number of newspapers and magazines.