Where to Get Cupping Therapy in Oakland

Did anyone else wonder why Michael Phelps sported circular purple marks along his shoulder as he led the 4x100-meter U.S. men's team to the gold? Phelps' purple marks are a side effect of cupping therapy, a technique widely practiced in East Asia for relieving tightness and/or pain in one's body. The technique involves the use of cups (glass or plastic) and suction (through a pump or the use of heat) to draw oxygenated blood to the affected area(s). As the suction pulls skin away from muscle and draws blood in, a large purple bruise forms where the cup was placed. Patients boast of cupping's abilities to increase circulation and blood flow; thus easing soreness, relaxing overworked muscles, and improving range of motion. Pro-athletes aren't the only beneficiaries of cupping therapy, which is practiced in many oriental medicine and acupuncture clinics around your city.

Energy Matters Acupuncture & Qigong

Therapists at Energy Matters Acupuncture & Qigong come up with a personalized plan to put your body back on track. Cupping is included in the acupuncture appointment, along with nutritional counseling, herbal remedies, and massage.
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Acupuncture (new patient)
  • $120
Acupuncture (return visits and packages):
  • $80 per visit
  • 6-Treatment Package at $432 ($72 per visit)
  • 9-Treatment Package at $612 ($68 per visit)
  • 12-Treatment Package at $768 ($64 per visit)
Lake Merritt Community Acupuncture

Lake Merritt Community Acupuncture is a community-style acupuncture center that starts patients out with an initial consultation, then acupuncture and cupping treatment. Cupping patients testify of increased energy and reduced tension in affected areas.
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Acupuncture (first visit):
  • $85, or $275 for the first 5 visits paid at once
  • Seniors (65+), children (12 and under), and full-time students (with ID): $70
Acupuncture (return visits):
  • $65 per visit, or $275 for 5 visits paid at once
  • Seniors (65+) and full-time students (with ID): $50 per visit
Bao Ping Zeng

Bao Ping Zeng, run and operated by Dr. Judy, is a no-nonsense kind of place. Don't expect a sit-down consultation with paperwork to fill out and questions about your health history. Dr. Judy starts work on her patients right away and doesn't stop during the entire 90-minute treatment session, applying heat packs, acupuncture, pressure points, and suction cups with expertise. Patients testify of increased flexibility and tension-free muscles following treatment. Call (510) 381-9081 to book an appointment and expect to pay around $50 for a 90-minute session.

Oakland Community Acupuncture

Oakland Community Acupuncture is a community-style and private treatment clinic that includes Sports Medicine and Orthopedics in its list of specializations. The clinic attends to patients' sports injuries, lifestyle injuries, and lifestyle imbalances. Patients testify of increased range of motion and disappearance of pain following acupuncture and cupping treatments, as well as long-term relationships with their therapists. Initial consultation is $50, and subsequent private treatments start from $60 upwards. Community treatments are $25. Book An Appointment.

Christina Wong is a Bay Area native who loves to travel the world, but always finds her way back to California.