Where to Get Cupping Therapy in San Francisco

As Michael Phelps swims his way to gold, you may have noticed small dark circles on his shoulders and back. It's not some type of circular tattoos, but rather one of the newest therapy trends with Olympians, and helps draw blood to a muscle area aiding in the recovery of overworked muscles. Luckily for those who live in the Bay Area, you do not have to be an Olympic athlete to benefit from this ancient Chinese therapy. Here are three places that will heal you in no time.

San Francisco Community Acupuncture

Located in the heart of the Mission, this acupuncture center is known for its friendly neighborhood atmosphere and affordable prices. Cupping is offered for 15 minutes for $30 and is accompanied by a Tui-Na, which is a vigorous type of Chinese massage that is done with the patient fully clothed. If you want to indulge in acupuncture as well, there is a generous sliding pay scale offered to all patients.

Helen Health Restoration Clinic Center

The exterior may be deceiving, as the entrance is located between two bustling Chinatown restaurants and may not seem like much, but once inside you are treated to a calming healing atmosphere. Helen is very intuitive and talented in what she does and can heal your aches and pains with a few sessions of cupping. An hour of therapy is $60 and is cash only.

Dr. Amy Baird Schlegel

Holding a Doctorate in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Amy is unsurprisingly an expert at what she does. Whether you go for cupping, acupuncture, herbal remedies or a mixture of all three, you are guaranteed to feel a hundred percent better than when you first came in. Get a 30-minute free consultation if you check-in on Yelp and receive $20 off a follow-up visit if you refer a friend. The initial fee is $165 for an hour and a half session. The follow-up fee is $100 for an hour.

Julia is a freelance writer and native San Franciscan, born and raised. She is the founder of Small World This Is, and has written for Matador, Roads and Kingdoms, and USA Today.