Where to Get Cupping Therapy in Tampa, Florida

The 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio is off to a great start. The U.S. athletes are doing well. They are not only causing viewers to talk about their performance in the competitions, but those cheering on the teams are talking about the therapy some athletes, like Michael Phelps, are using that causes red circles to form on their skin.

So what are those red circles? Those round bruises are caused by a therapy known as cupping. Cupping is not new, however, it certainly has been the talk of Rio 2016. So what kind of therapy causes such large bruising? An ancient Chinese process of using glass or bamboo cups to help create a vacuum effect. The cups are placed on areas of the skin to help dull pain, break up deep scar tissue, and help to relax sore muscles along with connective tissue. Some even claim cupping can be used for detoxing and weight loss.

Whatever the benefit, the therapy is not just for Olympic athletes or celebrities. Many others in various professions proclaim of the benefits of cupping. However, part of the reward of completing this type of therapy comes with temporary circles from the bruising where the cups are applied. Users of the cupping therapy claim the bruising is worth it.

So wondering if cupping really works? Or wondering if you should try it for yourself? Here are a few places in Tampa where you can try the ancient therapy out.

Balance Therapeutic Massage

Balance does blanket, abdominal and facial cupping. They even have a testimony of it effectively helping a 7-year old with bowels.

Soaring Crane Acupuncture

Soaring Crane is a top Tampa Acupuncture practice with a Patients Choice Award. They have a deep understanding of Chinese medicine which is helpful for cupping therapy.

Tampa Bay Holistic Wellness

Tampa Bay Holistic Wellness specializes in alternative medicine and is familiar with the various techniques of cupping therapy.

Green Body Massage

Green Body Massage provides various massages including a Thai yoga massage along with the sought after cupping therapy.

Are you ready to try cupping? Have you tried it before? Would love to get your feedback on the therapy or any other locations.

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