Things to Do in Rochester, NY When Your Flight is Delayed

Those words that everyone dreads hearing when they are traveling are the very disappointing, "your flight has been delayed". Your first thought is, "what do we do now?" You wander aimlessly around the airport until you see something that catches your eye where you will be able to while away the hours until the next flight. Here are some things that you can do while you are waiting. These are all located conveniently within the Rochester International Airport.

Kids Work Airport Store

If you are traveling with children, you know just how difficult it is to keep them busy while you are waiting. You may want to venture into the Kids Work Airport Store. They have the newest and greatest things to look at and maybe even purchase for the next flight. The Kids Work Airport Store has a variety of things that kids love. They have educational toys, travel games, electronic games, books, kids apparel, and more. If you do decide to make a purchase whatever you buy may just keep them busy while you wait.

Frontier Business Center

Do you have some work to catch up on? You are in luck. The Frontier Business Center is the place to get it done. They have data ports, telephones, and workstations available in a quiet location in the Rochester International Airport. Wired and wireless Internet make this a smart choice to finish those uncompleted work tasks that you need to finish up.

Red Osier

Are you hungry and looking for something good to eat before hopping on the next plane? The Red Osier, which is located in the airport's main food court, offers tasty sandwiches, soups, and salads. Did you just hear that your plane is ready to take off? No worries. The Red Osier has "plane packs" to go. Bring your food with you and eat it when you reach your seat on the plane.

Euro Café

Are you getting sleepy and in need of a good cup of coffee? The Euro Café has gourmet coffee and tea, as well as some other delectable goodies for you to indulge in. Located on the B concourse of the airport, stopping in here will keep you satisfied while you wait it out.

Sarah Jonae-Ryan has lived in Rochester for more than 30 years. She has several blogs written on a variety of topics.