5 Places to Buy Locally-Grown Produce in Delray Beach, Florida

Growing up in small town America, all of our food was fresh. I carried that tradition with me as an adult. My husband and I planted a large garden every year in our large suburban yard. In the early fall, after I came home from work on Friday nights, dinner often came from our garden──vegetable soup, eggplant lasagna or Ratatouille. All wonderful. Nowadays it's trendy to eat food that is farm to fork──not to mention healthy and delicious. Listed are five places in Delray Beach (and next door to our fair city) where shoppers can find local, farm-fresh, organic food practically in your own backyard.

Bedner's Farm Fresh Markets
Since 1950, the Bedner's have practiced sustainable farming on their 80-acre farm in Boynton Beach. Recently, they opened a satellite store in downtown Delray. At both markets, shoppers will find is a large variety of toxin-free produce. Bedner's also has Pet-N-Parties for children at the Boynton store and during the season, customers can pick fresh strawberries. Additionally, Bedner's caters their famous barbeque and holds an annual fall festival in October with a traditional pumpkin, patch, hayride, doughnuts and cider and more.

Delray GreenMarket
Delray's GreenMarket is open most Saturdays in the summer at the tennis center from 9-Noon. Check the website for dates and hours. Hours are longer and the location changes during the winter season. The open air, dog-friendly market has various vendors with a huge variety of products ranging from produce to baked goods to jewelry. It's also a fun meetup place where you'll most likely run into friends and neighbors. Usually, there's a band playing with tables where you can sit and relax.

Heritage Hen Farm
The chickens at this farm are completely free-range and have chicken coops where they come and go at will. No antibiotics are put into their food. As a result, the eggs are probably three times as expensive as the ones at the supermarket, but as far as taste, you be the judge. They also sell duck eggs, turkey eggs, Japanese quail eggs, goose eggs, French and African guinea hen eggs, raw honey, raw buttermilk, raw cream, raw yogurt, raw butter, raw goat's milk and raw cow's milk. It's open only on weekdays. Credit cards accepted.

The Boys Farmers Market
The Boys sells local, fresh produce, and the prices are right. But they sell much more than that. Famous for steaks, they also sell seafood, have a fabulous deli, a cheese shop, a bakery, coffee and catering. It is always packed, and the parking lot is a nightmare. Once you get past that, you'll be happy you went there. I always take out-of-town friends to the Boys. They always love it.

Truly Tropical
This little farm is located on the edge of Delray sells organic fruits. Known for mangoes, the owners also sell a host of other tropical fruits, many of them unusual. The starfruit grown there is wonderful, especially compared to the small, bitter starfruit I was introduced to when I lived up North. Check out Truly Tropical's Facebook page to see what fruits are available and their hours, which are short. This is where I learned that organic avocados don't turn brown after being cut open. A bonus is that upon arrival, the family's friendly dogs run to greet you.

Mary Yuhas is a freelance writer and author and has lived in South Florida for the past fifteen years. She's written for USA Today among other publications.