Best Farmer's Markets in Lisbon to Welcome Fall

Fall not only announces the end of long and lazy summer days. It's also the time when we return home to our jobs, our school, our routines. Fall is a great season to start a healthier diet, inviting the richness of the recently harvested fruits and vegetables onto your table. To celebrate this new beginning why not visit a farmer's market and discover all the flavours of the new season? Here are Lisbon's five most popular:

Mercado Príncipe Real
Situated in one of the trendiest city's neighbourhoods, this market is more than a fruit and vegetable trading place. Every Saturday, it brings to Principe Real's garden a unique visual event of shapes and colours, uniquely arranged by every farmer. Plus this is the best place to find homemade marmalades, sauces and other typical Portuguese seasonings.

Mercado Campo Pequeno
Right in the city center, Campo Pequeno is the Lisbon's biggest organic vegetable market happening every Saturday. Here you can find a great variety of vegetables and fruits taht will surely guarantee you a very healthy diet. But that's not all: cheesemakers invade the area with their tempting home made smelly though delicious cheeses.

LX Rural
LX Factory was once a shameful abandoned part of Lisbon. Today it's a privileged space for designers and other artists to work and sell their art. It is also a trendy spot to go out for dinner or drinks with friends. Every Sunday morning this peculiar area is invaded with local farmers from the outskirts of the city that come and sell their weekly harvests. The best part is that they regularly offer homemade cookies to help them promote their products.

Fruta Feia
Fruta Feia means 'Ugly Fruit' and it's not exactly a market. It's a farmer's association that sells, at a very symbolic price, the fruits and vegetables that grow too small or too ugly. Because of that they are not as sellable as the beautifully shaped ones and end up in the garbage although they are perfectly good for eating. Fruta Feia not only to help farmers prevent losses but also helps reducing food waste. To buy, you need to register and order online and then pick your basket at the delivery point.

Located in a warehouse near Lisbon's airport Biocoop is an organic farmer's association. Their purpose is to help small producers selling their harvests in the city. The price is slightly lower than the regular organic supermarkets but the variety is quite big. Here you can also find a small caffe with delicious organic bread and homemade pies.

Silvia is a writer and a traveller born and raised in Lisbon. Although her journeys have been taking her a bit everywhere in the world, Lisbon is the city where she always return to unveil and write about its never ending wonders.

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