The Best Apple Orchard With A Flair Of Sophistication Near Northfield

While Minnesotan's are known for their ability to maneuver blizzards and snowdrifts, we're also known for our love of vibrant fall colors and delicious seasonal apples. One of the most-unique apple orchards south of the metro area is Fireside Orchard and Gardens, bringing a level of sophistication to an annual family outing where everyone can breathe the fresh air and have a little fun on the side.

A Minnesota Tradition
This year marks 45 years that Fireside Orchard and Gardens has been growing and selling its delicious apples during the festive Fall Season. From early spring to mid-August, you can watch from a distance as the team from Fireside care for the fruit trees, manicure the rose gardens and stock the store shelves with an abundance of salsas, jellies, relishes and butters.

Popular Attractions
Minnesota abounds with people who love to pick their own produce. So, for the Do-It-Yourselfer, pick your own varieties are available later in the fall, so call ahead and find out when you can snatch your favorite apples directly from the trees.

Or, if you have some young ones (or some who are still young at heart) who would like to see a tractor up close and personal, check out their antique tractors.

Rose Gardens and Colorful Koi
Fireside's beautiful rose gardens bloom all summer and are immaculately maintained. Cobblestone paths will wind you through the rose gardens to a delightful pergola where you can sit and enjoy a brat, caramel apple or Fireside's very own fudge. On the other side of the pergola is a relaxing lazy river that gently cascades into a large pond that is home to dozens of colorful Koi.

Take Some Goodies Home
Inside the Orchard's Store you'll find treats galore. To name a few:

Parking: Fireside Orchard and Gardens has a large gravel parking lot available so you won't need to park on the road or walk a long distance to get to the store, gardens or pond.

Best and worst time to visit: Since it's seasonal, the busiest times of operation are on the weekends.

Admission to Fireside Orchard and Gardens: Free

Must see/do at Fireside Orchard and Gardens: Plan to do some of your Thanksgiving or Christmas shopping here as the pies are phenomenal and the fudge, made right on site, is creamy and worthy of gift-giving.

Insider tips for visitors to the Fireside Orchard and Gardens: If you have questions, ask for Ron the manager. He's friendly, knowledgeable and makes some pretty mean fudge and dipping caramels.

Other places to visit near Fireside Orchard and Gardens: Cowling Arboretum is a great place to get out and stretch your legs year-round. If you're a history buff, the Northfield Historical Society may be what's needed to tickle your brain a little. If it's Wednesday and you've got hunger pangs, treat your taste buds to brick oven baked pizza at the Red Barn Farm of Northfield.

Author's Bio: Julie Bergh has lived in Minnesota most of her life and absolutely loves it (except for the nights of arctic chill). She's a travel enthusiast who loves to find hidden gems and secret destinations that make travelling an enjoyable adventure. When she's not Out and About in Minnesota, she loves reading a great mystery, fooding it up with her husband, hanging out with her adult children and taking in the amazing beauty of this earth. You can read more about her adventures on her blog: Out and About In Minnesota.