5 Most Thrilling Bridges You Can Walk Across

If you are a bit of an adrenaline junkie, but don't feel the need to jump out of a plane or off a cliff, you can still get a little thrill by walking across these five stunning bridges. The best thing? They are not swaying deathtraps fit for Indiana Jones, but will still give you some bragging rights.

Brooklyn Bridge, New York City

Pedestrians on the Brooklyn BridgeCreatas/Getty

While the Brooklyn Bridge is not a terrifying suspension bridge, there is something thrilling about crossing this nearly 150-year-old bridge from Manhattan to Brooklyn (and back again). The views are probably some of the best in the world and you get to share the 1.1 long bridge with hundreds of tourists, vehicles, bicycles and even a few fast moving trains. Daily walking tours of the bridge are offered by DUMBO Tours in Brooklyn.

Titlis Cliff Walk, Engelberg, Switzerland

TITLIS Cliff WalkGetty Images/iStockphoto

The Titlis Cliff Walk in Engelberg is said to be the highest bridge in Europe. Built at over 10,000 feet above sea level, this suspension bridge spans steep, snow-covered cliffs in the Swiss Alps and offers some stellar, knee-knocking views. At one meter wide and 100 meters long, the bridge is not for the faint of heart, but if you can stomach it, the bridge is free to walk across.

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, Calif.

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One of the most iconic bridges in the world is also the most thrilling. Thousands of pedestrians, bicycles and vehicles cross the 8,981 foot red bridge from the city of San Francisco over to the hamlet of Sausalito. The nearly 750 foot tall bridge is notorious for its jumpers, but just looking over the railing into the freezing San Francisco Bay will get your heart racing. The pedestrian and bike walkway is only available on one side of the bridge during certain hours.

Royal Gorge Bridge, Cañon City, Colo.

Royal Gorge BridgeGetty Images

The Royal Gorge Bridge in southern Colorado had the distinction of being the world's highest bridge for nearly 75 years. Built in 1929, the bridge spans 955 above the Arkansas River. Vehicles are allowed to cross the 938-foot bridge, but it is primarily used by pedestrians who are not afraid of heights.

Sydney Harbor Bridge, Australia

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The Sydney Harbor BridgeClimb might be one of the most famous and frightening bridge walks in the world. Reaching over 430 feet above the waters of the harbor, walkers are strapped in and are not allowed to carry anything in their hands while they traverse the world's tallest steel arch bridge. The walk is over three hours long and walkers even have a chance to go over the upper arch with help from experienced Climb Leaders.

Christina Nellemann is a writer living in the Reno-Tahoe area and has walked across both the Golden Gate and the Brooklyn Bridge. Sydney is next.