'Pokemon Go' Tips: Find Rare Pokemon in Lisbon, Portugal

Pokémon Go is taking the world and Lisbon is no exception. The game arrived in Europe only a month ago. But nobody finds odd anymore to pass by groups of people walking around with a peculiar synchronicity focused on their mobile screens. In Lisbon, as in most places, Rare Pokémons are a little unpredictable. There are, though some places where they have been spotted more frequently. Here's the list. Check for yourself if you're lucky to spot a Magmar, a Venusar, a Blastoise or a Charizard.

Marques de Pombal
Marquês de Pombal is bursting with Pokemon Go activity. Here you can find Gyms and other few Pokéstops. By the several "hurrays" I heard while passing by it's also a high probable place for rare Pokemon fellows. This big square unites the the old with the newest parts of Lisbon. Marques de Pombal was the minister responsible for the city's rebuilding after the 1755 tsunami devastation. His statue stands right in the middle of the roundabout.

Terreiro do Paço
By the amount of people walking slowly with the eyes on their phones, it's easy to guess this is another popular place for Pokemon Go players. Walk around and explore. There's a good chance you might find a rare Pokemon there. Once Terreiro do Paço was not only the king's home, it was also the place where the Portuguese caravels arrived from their exploratory journeys around the world during the 15th century.

Oriente Station
On the opposite side of the city also by the river, Oriente Station is at the heart of Parque das Nações, a modern part of Lisbon totally remodelled in 1998 for the World Exhibition. Today it is also a good spot for Pokemon Go trainers and for bumping into a rare Pokemon.

Cais do Sodré
The place where more rare Pokémons have been spotted so far. Find the train station and be aware. But make sure you're not near the exits blocking the the entrance especially if it's rush hour when everybody is in a hurry to get home. No Nidoking will serve you as an excuse for you to be on their way.

Parque da Fonte Luminosa
At one of the tops of this long lawn you can find a huge fountain, a beautiful monument from 1940. Although Pokemon popularity is growing here I haven't heard of anybody who could find a rare Pokemon yet. But a few people assure me this is a promising spot.

Safety Note: While playing make sure you don't leave the sidewalks. Some of these areas can have heavy traffic. It is not safe to cross the streets unaware, even if you've just spotted a Jigglypuff.

Silvia is an awarded writer and a traveller with more than 15 years experience. Although her journeys have been taking her a bit everywhere in the world, Lisbon her hometown, is the city where she always return to unveil and write about its never ending wonders.

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