'Pokemon Go' Tips: Top 5 Pokemon Gyms in Chicago

"Pokemon Go" could take the title for the game of the summer (sorry, Rio Olympics). And there's still a little time left to squeeze some game-play out of those long summer daylight hours. The centrally located Chicago Loop is home to many of the city's significant landmarks, which presently are living a double life as Pokemon gyms. Here are five Chicago "Pokemon Go" gyms where you can glean some city culture, too.

The Chicago Theatre
The Chicago Theatre is a reported "Pokemon Go" gym. But before that the landmark theater saw almost 100 years of Chicago culture. Built in 1921, the theater showcases the recognizable "Chicago" marquee out front. Throughout the decades many films, as well as live entertainment, made a name for themselves at this location.

Cloud Gate
Cloud Gate — referred to as The Bean 99.9 percent of the time — is another Pokemon gym. The stainless steel sculpture in Millennium Park is a favorite among tourists and — let's be honest — many locals, too, for taking selfies with the Chicago skyline reflected in the background. Plus, its bizarre appearance doesn't look out of place in the Pokemon world.

Daley Plaza
Another Pokemon gym, Daley Plaza is the courtyard outside the Richard J. Daley Center, Chicago's civic center. In the plaza you can't miss the 50-foot Picasso sculpture, a major city landmark in itself. A more subtle feature of Daley Plaza is a small eternal flame memorial to those in the armed forces who died serving the country.

It seems quirky Chicago landmarks make the best Pokemon gyms, so, of course, the Flamingo sculpture is on the list. Located in Federal Plaza outside the Kluczynski Federal Building, Flamingo was unveiled in 1974 by artist Alexander Calder. The bright red steel abstract piece brings life to the city block, and apparently there's Pokemon life surrounding it.

Start of Route 66
Want to take a Pokemon road trip? Well, get your kicks at the sign marking the start of Route 66, a reported Pokemon gym. The sign is on Adams Street just west of Michigan Avenue. Route 66 was established in 1926 as one of the original U.S. highways, stretching from Chicago all the way to Santa Monica, California. Think of all the Pokemon to catch on that route.

Mary Daly is a journalist from Chicago. She doesn't know how your phone batteries handle all this Pokemon.