'Pokemon Go' Tips: Top 5 Pokemon Gyms in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a unique city to play Pokemon Go in because so much of the city's activity is concentrated in two places: the Strip and downtown. Other than that, shopping complexes are also fairly active with Pokemon, Pokestops and gyms. Here are some gyms to check out.

Atomic Liquors

This bar is somewhat of a Las Vegas institution because of its history. In the 1950s, locals would watch from the roof as the atomic bomb testing went on outside the city. Now, it's a popular watering hole for locals and tourists who catch wind of it, and now that it's a Pokemon Go gym, Las Vegans can defend their title and have a drink at the same time.

The High Roller at the LINQ

According to Reddit user XXMACGUVYERXX, the apex of the High Roller Ferris wheel on the Strip is a Pokemon Go Gym. Though your stop at it will be brief, it will come with a fabulous view and bragging rights that you dominated at the top of the world's highest Ferris wheel.

The "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas" Sign

At this gym, you can cross a landmark off your list and compete at the same time. Your reign may not last long, as many, many people visit the sign daily.

Springs Preserve

Springs Preserve, made up of botanical gardens, museums and walking trails, has not one, but two Pokemon Go Gyms on its grounds — one at the gardens, and one at the birds of prey exhibit. There are also two just outside the preserve. It's the perfect location to rotate through, dominating one or all gyms while also hatching eggs by walking the trails or browsing the museums.

Container Park's Preying Mantis

The huge metal preying mantis just outside Downtown Container Park is a Pokemon Go gym as well. Stop by in the evening to see fire shoot from the preying mantis' antennae to the beat of the music and rule another Downtown gym.

Sarah Corsa is a features reporter for the Las Vegas Review-Journal. She can be found on Twitter @sarahcorsa.