'Pokémon Go' Tips: Top 5 Pokemon Gyms in Lisbon, Portugal

For those who still think that Pokémon is an animated tv series for kids, if you hear someone mentioning Pokémon gyms please notice that the brand is not (yet!) opening a health club franchise in your hometown. However, as strange as it might sound, at this very moment, you might be right in the middle of one of the thousand that already exist all over you town. Pokémon gyms are one of the virtual spots of the new free-to-play, location-based reality game. The players can either catch, fight or train these little figures. All they need to do is walk around their cities in search for them. So if you happen to be in Lisbon and are a newbie to the app here are the five best gyms to start training your heroes:

Gulbenkian Gardens and Museum
Inaugurated in 1969, the gardens are part of a cultural center that includes a museum, a modern art center and the headquarters of Calouste Gulbenkian's Foundation. The best way to find the gym is walk around the big lake or in the surroundings of the museum.

Rua Augusta Arch
Built to celebrate the city's reconstruction after the 18th century earthquake, this triumphal arch is seated over 6 magnificent columns. One of Lisbon's landmarks, you can take an elevator to the top and enjoy a very unique view of the city. As far as Pokémon gyms are concerned it's highly advisable that you stay on the ground, in safety bellow it.

Rossio Square
This square exists since the Middle Ages and has witnessed a few of the most important events of the Portuguese history. Today it is also a very hot spot as far as Pokémon Go activity is concerned. Not only a gym is there but a few other Pokéstops that can be very resourceful.

Terreiro do Paço
Another square that was totally remodelled after the 1755 earthquake. At the center, the statue of the Portuguese king D. Jose I, the monarch who approved the reconstruction works. As for gyms, get closer to the river, near Cais das Colunas. You'll find something there.

Avenida da Liberdade
This 1 km long boulevard is one of the most important Lisbon's avenues. Connecting Marquês do Pombal to Restauradores square, although it has traffic, the large sidewalks and gardens makes it look like a park. Walking your way down you'll easily find a few gyms where you can train your allies.

Silvia is a writer and a traveller born and raised in Lisbon. Although her journeys have been taking her a bit everywhere in the world, Lisbon is the city where she always return to unveil and write about its never ending wonders.

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