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Nobody's quite sure how it happened, but Scotland has risen to the top of the up-and-coming vegan-friendly countries list, with Edinburgh rivaling Glasgow as one of the top cities for vegans to live. In case you're confused about what vegans eat – like most of the non-vegan population – and how vegans are different from vegetarians, vegans consume a totally animal-free diet. Meaning you say no to any animal products in your diet, such as dairy cheese, dairy yogurt, and eggs – which vegetarians can eat freely. Still confused? It might help to think of it this way: vegans eat a solely plant-based diet – only consuming vegetables, fruits, legumes, grains, nuts, and seeds. So if you want a vegan cheeseburger, it's going to have to be made entirely of nuts, grains, and produce. It becomes quite fun to see what you can create with such a limited assortment of ingredients.

After reading this list of vegan eats in Edinburgh, you might be apt to go on a vegan food tour yourself.

BBQ 'Pulled Pork' Jackfruit Sandwich at The Bluebird Cafe
The Bluebird Cafe serves up a mean vegan BBQ 'pulled pork' sandwich; the 'pulled pork' part made entirely of jackfruit. You can also have pulled pork as a topping for vegan nachos, along with the roasted vegetables and house-made guacamole. A 'wonderful wee eatery,' this cafe with only four tables carries quite an extensive menu for its wee size.

Vegan French Toast with a Side of Haggis at The Caffeine Drip
With its Africaans décor, The Caffeine Drip is an underground South African cafe and bakery, well-known for vegan French toast with haggis, vegan soups, panini, wraps, flapjacks, cakes, create-your-own milkshakes, and vegan lattes and hot chocolate – made with soy or almond milk.

Cashew Koftas at David Bann
If you decide for a night out at David Bann, get there early, as the restaurant is really popular, and having a great atmosphere and friendly service doesn't hurt its fame one bit. David Bann carries a number of vegetarian options, which you can request to be made vegan. Try their cashew koftas; cashew fritters; the crepe-like chili pancake – a thin red lentil wrap enclosing a spicy bean filling; grilled sweet potatoes; smoked tofu; and humus bruschetta. Save room for their vegan chocolate ice cream – so creamy that you wouldn't believe it's vegan.

Vegan Jacket Potatoes at Baked Potato Shop
At Baked Potato Shop, choose between a small, medium, or large potato and 10+ creative fillings – served hot or cold. One of the top favorite combinations would have to be the baked potato filled overflowing with vegan cheese, chili, and guacamole. The serving sizes are quite generous, so prepare to be stuffed – but save room for a vegan cake!

Egg-Free Tempura at Bonsai Bar Bistro
A tiny Japanese bistro, Bonsai offers Japanese food with a number of vegan sushi choices and vegan tempura – made egg-free on request. Order the banana tempura for dessert!

Spinach and Leek Vegan Pies at Piemaker
A excellent take-away pie shop, Piemaker has a splendid selection of vegan pies, like the cherry, spinach and leek, and Thai mushroom pies; a Mediterranean ring; and sweet vegan apple turnovers.

Vegan nachos at The Auld Hoose
This city pub serves the largest vegan nachos you'll find in Edinburgh, burritos with vegan cheese, vegan burgers, vegan onion rings, vegan sundaes, and vegan haggis served with nips and tatties (turnips and potatoes) and red wine gravy. Show up at The Auld Hoose on Sundays for a vegan nut roast, complete with a vegan Yorkshire pudding.

Thai Nut Burger at Hendersons
Hendersons' savory dishes, like vegan haggis and Thai nut burger, are tasty and filling, and you'll definitely want their vegan chocolate nut cake and carrot cake for dessert.

Hazelnut Vegan Cake at The Chocolate Tree
The Chocolate Tree is a chocolate paradise for vegans. You'll love their homemade vegan hazelnut cake, vegan chocolate berry tart, rich and creamy vegan chocolate ice cream, and vegan hot chocolate with soy milk. Don't forget to grab a loyalty card on your way out.

Christina Wong is a Bay Area native who loves to travel the world, but always finds her way back to California.

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