Pokemon Go Tips: Where to Find Rare Pokemon in San Diego

Though Pokemon Trainers love their collection of Zubats, Ratatas, and Pidgeys, eventually you'll want to move onto Pokemon that aren't as easy to find and catch. To find rare Pokemon like Snorlax, Dragonite, Lapras, and more, check out these five places. Beware that nests often change, and that hatching a 10-kilometer egg is likely the best way to gain a Pokemon that's not location-specific. Next time on you're on the hunt, try searching in these five places.

Carlsbad State Beach - near Encina Power Station
Electric-themed Pokemon like Magnemite, Voltorb, Pikachu, and Electrabuzz are likely to be hanging around urban environments like power plants and train stations. The Encina Power Station is just across from the beach, providing access to electric Pokemon that have yet to be added to your Pokedex.

Emarcadero Marina Park
Aside from being a hotspot for Pokestops and gyms, the Embarcadero Marina Park is known for spawning Lapras, Seal, Tentacool, and farming Magikarp to evolve into a high-CP Gyrados. Try walking from the Unconditional Surrender statue past the Star of India all the way to the Embarcadero Marina Park for the best luck.

Balboa Park
Balboa Park is often alight with lures and Pokemon spawn sites, especially Bulbasaur, Snorlax, and legendary Pokemon. The great thing about Balboa Park is that other Trainers often yell to alert players when and where a legendary, or rare, Pokemon is. This is the best place to harvest low CP Pokemon perfect for evolving and to search for rare Pokemon with the help of others.

Liberty Station
Formerly a Naval Training Center, Liberty Station is known for spawning Dragonite, Rhyhorn, Aerodactyl, and a perfect place to turnover Magikarp. Walk near Sunset Cliffs for rare water Pokemon, but beware of the cliff edges.

Oceanside Pier
Tauros, the Pokemon specific to North America can be found along Oceanside Pier. Walk along the beach until he pops up onto your radar, then try the pier to catch more. While waiting for him, enjoy catching a plethora of water-themed Pokemon like Tentacool, Magikarp, and Horsea.

Chantae Reden is a level 18 Pokemon Go Trainer currently in Australia searching for a Kangaskhan. You can find more of her travel advice on her blog, Chantae.com.