'Pokémon Go' Tips: Where to Find Rare Pokemon in San Francisco

In San Francisco, there are endless opportunities to catch Pokemon in every corner of the city it seems. While there are plenty of Bellsprouts and Krabbys available to capture within the city limits, the satisfaction of catching a much rarer Pokemon is much higher. Here are five places that you can spot the more-elusive creatures throughout the city.

Bay Bridge: Ninetales

One of the more elegant of the bunch, this golden horse creature with ruby red eyes is definitely on the top of most players' lists to catch. You most likely will be able to find this beauty prancing across the Bay Bridge, and outshining the nightly light show that dazzles visitors and locals alike.

Bernal Heights: Nidorino and Nordina

This couple has been sighted in one of the cities up-and-coming neighborhoods, where the rent is almost affordable. Make sure to keep your eye out for a flash of blue and purple, because you can blink and easily miss these little rascals.

Union Square: Muk

Be on the lookout for the purple glob lurking near the heart of downtown in Union Square. Despite all the tourists, this guy doesn't seem to shy away from crowds or the always present traffic jams.

Patricia's Green (Hayes Valley): Aerodactyl

It may seem intimidating from afar, but this prehistoric creature only eats fruit and due to its chosen location in hip Hayes Valley seems to prefer the top quality organic kind. On sunny days, find it wandering through this central park or enjoying a pint at a nearby beer garden.

Golden Gate Bridge: Rapidash

On your way to a day out in Muir Woods or Mount Tam, make sure to catch this lightening fast unicorn on the Bridge. Be careful about getting too close-since its mane and tail are literally made out of fire.

Julia is a freelance writer and native San Franciscan, born and raised. She is the founder of Small World This Is, and has written for Matador, Roads and Kingdoms, and USA Today.