Sesimbra: A Paradise for a Hot Summer Day in Portugal

You wake up and find out it's really hot outside. It's sunny but not the kind of sunny you'd pick if you could choose the weather for a walk around the city. Suddenly you remember you are in Lisbon. Lucky you! You will only need a 30-minute drive from the city center to discover the most picturesque fisherman's village - Sesimbra - where you can transform high temperatures into a perk and dive into the freshness of the Atlantic Ocean. The blue waters and the golden sand will help you feel invigorated. Take your renewed energy and uncover a few of the village off-beaten spots because Sesimbra is much more than lovely beaches.

Sesimbra Castle
Standing high on a hill, the castle is hard to miss if you are on the waterfront. Built more than 800 years ago, it is easy to identify its medieval traces. If you're in good shape, take the walking path that goes up from the center. Once there, you'll be rewarded with a magnificent view over the coastline.

Cape Espichel
Only 15 km away from the village, Espichel will surely exceed any expectation you might have. The cliffs diving straight into the ocean offer an impressive view. There's more: During the 14th century, a sanctuary was built very close to the edge. Rapidly the place was transformed into a pilgrimage site. Today, although the Inn is wrecked, the little chapel is still in use.

Sesimbra's Maritime Museu
Recently opened, the Maritime Museum gives you the opportunity to discover a little more about the close relationship between Sesimbra's villagers and the ocean. There you'll find out everything about the fishing tradition in the region that goes back as far as 5,000 years. The building is a 17th-century fortress totally recovered to welcome you.

Lagoa de Albufeira
This beautiful water mirror is made of three lagoons that come together right beside the ocean, offering this unique site. Surrounded by a magnificent pinewood, this place is one of the best spots for windsurf. It is also the deepest Portuguese lagoon with a 15-meter maximum depth.

The grilled fish
You're in a fisherman's village. You cannot leave without tasting the freshness of the fish. It is reputed to be the best in the world. Why not be the judge of that? You will not have trouble finding a fine restaurant with a grill outside where you can seat and enjoy your fish while watching the sunset over the big ocean.

Silvia is an awarded writer and a traveller with more than 15 years experience. Although her journeys have been taking her a bit everywhere in the world, Lisbon her hometown, is the city where she always return to unveil and write about its never ending wonders.

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