5 Ways Business Travelers Can Take A Break In NYC

It can be hard to enjoy New York City to the fullest when you're in town on business. Between meetings or deadlines, there usually isn't time to, say, visit the Statue of Liberty or even make a dent in the Met's collection of art. But that doesn't mean you have to kill your limited free time just hanging around in the hotel. Here are five ideas that will help prevent your NYC visit from being all work and no play.

1. Take A Ferry Ride

In nice weather, the ferry is a great way to see the city skyline without derailing your work schedule. Your ride can be as quick as ten minutes or you can stay on for an hour taking in the views. It's the perfect alternative to the subway if you have meetings in one borough and your hotel's in another. Major stops on the various ferry lines include Pier 11 in Manhattan, Hunters Point in Queens and the Fulton Ferry Landing in Brooklyn. A full list of ferry lines and terminals is online here.

2. Check Out The Outdoor Art

If you visit one of the big name museums during your limited free time, you risk spending it all standing in line. But no matter where you're working in the city, chances are there's public art on view nearby. To find outdoor art near you, some good places to start are the Public Art Fund or this comprehensive, interactive map of public art from the NYC Parks Department. Central locations that are sure to have some public art on view include Doris C. Freedman Plaza and the Bowery mural wall.

3. Get A Waterfront Workout

To blow off some steam after a day of work, you could shell out for a few hours at a gym, or you could head to one of New York City's several waterfront parks for a free workout with a view. Riverside Park is a particularly good option - it's one of the city's designated scenic landmarks and it offers fitness equipment, a track, baseball fields and more.

4. Stop By Eve Salon

This salon is a good option whether you need quickly to refresh before a dinner meeting or want to relax after a long day of work. You can get a facial at Eve Salon in 30 minutes or stay for a 90 minute rejuvenator. They also offer waxing, manicures and pedicures. The salon itself is close to a number of train lines so you can quickly get where you're going afterwards.

5. Bottlerocket Wine & Spirit Tasting

A bottle of wine can help make your trip on the Metro North, LIRR or Amtrak a lot more pleasant after a long day of work in the city. Bottlerocket Wine and Spirit hosts regular tastings and public events where you can try a new wine, meet some new people, and grab a bottle for the ride home. Click here to check out what's going on while you're in town.

Jackie Strawbridge has reported on the neighborhoods of western Queens for multiple print and digital publications. She also runs a blog about public art.