Best Venues For Local Bands In Roseville

There's very little that's better on a weekend than finding out a favorite local band is playing nearby. Finding out it's in a venue that also has great food and is in a good location makes the experience that much better. There are a number of great places in Roseville to hear everything from the Blues to Grunge. Two of the better venues with a wide range of music between them are listed here.

The Boxing Donkey Irish Pub

The Boxing Donkey Irish Pub is on Lincoln in the old downtown of Roseville. The food is a step above the usual bar and pub grub and they have at least a dozen beers and ciders on tap whenever the doors are open. The staff is friendly and willing to make a recommendation if you don't know what you want or are a first-time customer.

Despite that, one of the usual complaints about the Boxing Donkey is the poor service. There's a reason for that; it's the big sign as you walk in that reads "Order Food and Drinks at the Bar". It's why you always take a few seconds to let your eyes adjust when you walk into a bar.

Musically, the Boxing Donkey books at least three or four different acts each month. Upcoming offerings include Adam Donald, One Eyed Reilly and Total Recall. These bands provide a good mix of Country, Celtic and '90s Rock music for the audience.

The Acoustic Den Cafe

If you prefer your music a little more low key and a little less electronic, then The Acoustic Den Cafe is for you. Located on Fairway Drive, the Den caters to a slightly more laid back clientele. As you walk in, it looks like a regular cafe where you can order some sliders and a slice of apple pie (both items are on their menu) but then you notice the stage area at the far end.

The Den's calendar hosts local artists such as David Lennerton, Yours Truly, Michele and The Old West Trio. These acts provide a nice variety of Jazzy Blues, '60s Pop and Soul and Western Cowboy music. One of the more unusual items on their entertainment menu are live guitar lessons followed by open mic night every Wednesday. It's a great way to hear your friends and neighbors spread their wings a bit while enjoying some comfort food and a beer or coffee.

By the way, their Little Smokies are a great snack at any time of day or night.
Scratching The Surface

There are some great venues all over town supporting local musicians. If you like your music not processed and packaged to make the Top 20, take a few minutes to find one near you.

Kevin Findley has lived in Roseville since 2009. He's a freelance commercial and fiction writer.