Where to Enjoy Local Music in Saratoga Springs, New York

If you decide to come visit Saratoga and happen to love a variety of music, you won't be disappointed. Home to numerous music and entertainment venues, a night in the Spa City is almost always accompanied by local bands that want to sing their lungs out for the noisy, energetic crowd.

Rumored to be America's oldest operating folk coffeehouse, Caffe Lena is located on the top floor of a non-descript building on Lake Avenue, in the downtown area of Saratoga. This cultural center opened in 1960 and helped launch many songwriting careers of artists the world instantly fell in love with. Arlo Guthrie, Bob Dylan and Ani Defranco are only three of the many who played here.

A calendar of events is posted on Lena's rustic outside doors and the café is busy serving light fare, as well as hot and cold drinks while open.

When you want to take a break from the tables

If you're a gambling person who likes a little dance and great music on the side, Vapor Night Club is a place you'll want to visit. The venue is tucked into the corner of Saratoga's Casino and Raceway. It has plenty of seating and showcases a chic bar. One of the top entertainment spots in the Capitol district, the lighting effects are spectacular and VIP lounges offer views of the best live music in the area.

It is located on Crescent Avenue and an easy drive from either North or South, just off of Interstate 87.

Let's talk bourbon

One of the most special places to go sit and enjoy sipping a drink while you listen to music would have to be 9 Maple Ave. It is an intimate Victorian bar, featuring over 50 bourbons, a large selection of single malt scotches and a choice of 25 Irish whiskeys. Never mind the crazy martini menu that offers patrons 200 plus flavors to pick from.

This venue offers live jazz music on the weekends. There are not many tables in this cozy bar, so it's suggested you go early and stay late. Believe me, you'll want to.

Local farms and local music

This is a wonderful farm-to-table restaurant that certainly pays attention to detail. One Caroline is located on Caroline Street and is downstairs in a somewhat dark venue. Don't let that fool you. The dark wood makes the dining area seem cozy and the food they serve is made from the freshest ingredients.

This little, intimate bistro offers live music nightly and patrons listen to tranquil tunes played on the piano during dinner.

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