Best Venues to Watch Local Bands in Long Beach, CA

I previously profiled the biggest local acts that have come from the humble city of Long Beach, but where in the city can you catch such acts? Though many of LBC's bands have moved on to greater things, their loyalty is shown through intimate shows at bars, coffee shops, and record stores. These venues are also a prime opportunity to discover your next favorite music act.

Alex's Bar
As featured in Tenacious D and The Pick of Destiny, Alex's Bar is an opus of punk rock in Long Beach. Rock bands typically bookend the weekends and holidays while trivia nights and karaoke activities fill in the weekdays. Most shows run from only $5-$15.

Cafe Sevilla
It may be an unassuming Spanish restaurants on the outside, but Servilla has been known to hold some of the best house bands in town. Not only that, but they occasionally host big-name drop-ins such as Bleachers (albeit, a NYC band, not local).

There truly is no other music venue that is as synonymous with locals in Long Beach than Dipiazzas. It is the benchmark by which bands can achieve past solely playing open mics. Though acts tend to lean towards the heavier side, all genres of music are accepted here. Beloved local acts such as Hearts Like Lions, Joyce Manor, and The Offspring have all been known to have play a show here at least once or twice in their career.

Portfolio/The Brass Lamp/Viento Y Agua
Long Beach has recently benefitted from the new wave of coffee shop resurgence. Naturally, open mics and booked acts will follow to keep business afloat and loft during the non-peak hours. Acoustic singer-songwriters are primarily what you will find here, but also some variety from jazz jam acts.

Second only to Los Angeles' mega-property of Amoeba Records, Fingerprints is truly (in my biased opinion) Southern California's greatest record store. High-profile local acts like Weezer, Switchfoot, Cold War Kids make their rounds here during every record release, but also smaller locals are also encouraged. Full-fledged in-store concerts are typically free with purchase of their new album. Furthermore, these exclusive in-store performances could be seen as VIP events as album signings, photographs, and complimentary posters often follow shows.

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