Where to Search for Buried Treasure in Utah

Who doesn't want to find a buried treasure? You might think that treasure hunting is relegated to pirates on the open sea, but Utah has plenty of legends claiming that buried treasures can be found in Utah. If you're up for a little adventure, check out these spots where you can search for buried treasure in Utah.

Butch Cassidy

Butch Cassidy, the famous American outlaw, is rumored to have buried a treasure of gold and silver coins 10 miles east of the city of Castle Dale. According to legend, the treasure was originally stashed in the nearby Coal Cliffs, in a place called Buckhorn Wash. As of today, nobody has claimed to have found the treasure.

Lost Rhoades Mine

Perhaps the most famous story of buried treasure in Utah is the story of the Lost Rhoades Mine located at the base of the Uinta Mountains between Hanna and Whiterocks. This 75-mile stretch of terrain is pretty brutal, and there have more than a few cases of people gone missing in this area while searching for the supposed treasure. If you do end up trying to find it, be sure you're prepared for the terrain.

Montezuma's Treasure

Another legend concerns the cache of nearly 100 million dollars worth of gold that supposedly was smuggled out of present-day Mexico by the Aztec Indians in order to keep it from falling into the hands of the explorer Hernan Cortez. The treasure is supposedly located in caves along the White Mountain near Kanab.

Cross of Jesus

While not the actual cross of Jesus, legend claims that this treasure includes a cross of solid gold along with untold amounts of gold coins. Nobody knows where the gold came from. However, it is said that the treasure is located somewhere between Escalante and Boulder, close to the Escalante River.

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